And on a lighter note: Deep-Fried Sushi!

I have some nova-style smoked salmon, which is essentially raw fish with a bit of smoke to it. My oldest daughter asked me to show her how to make sushi.

What I know about making sushi can be summed up in two words: EAT OUT.

What I can guess about making sushi is a much larger body of information. I got to feeling creative this afternoon, so I prepped the rice (which I cooked wrong, burning the bottom, but the rest of it was sticky enough so it’s okay), and made some rolls. Two of them were inside-out rolls (that’s the last time I bother with that) wrapped around some clam-and-mayo salad. One of them was a regular roll wrapped around smoked salmon.

With the help of Chef Google I made some tempura batter, batter-dipped all three rolls, and deep-fried them, just like they do for some rolls at my favorite sushi place.

What can I say? Sushi is comfort food, and deep-fried things are comfort food, so the plan seemed very comfortable.

Worse still, it WORKED. Kiki loved it. I loved it. Patches and Sandra liked it.

The best part is that the salmon in the middle was still raw. Mmmm…. raw.

19 thoughts on “And on a lighter note: Deep-Fried Sushi!”

  1. Quite frankly, Howard, I am more than a little creeped out by the coincidence.

    At around the same time as you last night, I decided to try making sushi rolls for the first time.

    My results in Technicolour:

    I used a boring (but tasty) combination of red pointed peppers and smoked salmon. And I have discovered that sushi for breakfast is perfectly tasty and acceptable.

    But your deepfrying idea sounds… *drool*

  2. You and the raw food makes me wonder if you are part one of those giant cats from Larry Niven’s universe. I can’t remember how to spell the race name, but then some days I’m lucky if i remember how to spell my own name.


    1. I’m not part Kzinti. Too short, and besides, in Niven’s universe you don’t get hybrids between humans and non-humans.

      I am a proud omnivore, who occasionally steals a bit of fresh ground beef (raw) before making the burgers, and pops it down with a little salt.


      1. Which you ground yourself from a nice piece of sirloin that you cut from a larger vacupacked loin that you bought and handled safely (a la “Tender is the Loin”), right?? We’d be really upset if you ended up with food poisoning.

        I loves me some Alton Brown… 🙂

        1. BTW Niven allowed laxeties with his own cannon when he permitted Star Trek The Animated Series to use the Kzinti in one episode. In Star Trek everything can hybridize is you are willing to pay the right genetic engineer.


    2. You so funny sis! Mr. Tayler is more likely to be part Klingon, and we need to have a multiverse crossover for that to actually become true. Science hasn’t progressed far enough for that to happen. 😛

  3. I also love the sushi. We often do “messy sushi” at home, which is just small bowls of rice with sushi ingredients tossed on top and eaten with a fork or chopsticks. It’s amazingly fast and you can try different combinations quickly.

  4. *joyful greetings* Mr. Tayler!

    I was browsing Lyda Mae’s friends page and surprised that you and your lovely wife both have LJ accounts. That is so Schlock-tastic!


  5. Just the title of your post was enough to bring a laugh. Years ago when I lived in Tennessee, a Yankee buddy and I used to joke about imagining the local folk (whom we, in carpetbagger mode, regarded as unsophisticated) saying “Let’s go fry up a mess of that sushi.” I secretly regarded the thought as a Good Idea but never actually tried it out. Decades later, I’m glad to see it realized.

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