White Christmas for the Taylers…

… and for most of the population of Utah. Of course, by “most” I mean “everybody who lives in Utah Valley, Salt Lake Valley, Heber Valley, and Cache Valley, which is easily more than 3/4 the population of the entire state. We’re getting clobbered right now. Visibility is down to less than 1/4 mile, and the doppler shows that we’re still just on the leading edge of a swath of snowfall some 150 miles wide.

We have no place else to be, though, so bring the white stuff! (Oh, and everybody who DOES have someplace else to be… drive safely!)

8 thoughts on “White Christmas for the Taylers…”

  1. Aye, saw on the news that it was snowy in the midewest and Texas (wanna bet they don’t know what to do with snow in Texas? They’ll probably try to shoot it or something 🙂 ) and I did wonder whether it was snowing in Utah as well.

    Nemmind, at least you can play in the snow. and if it lasts for a bit, no doubt there’ll be school closures and other fun…

    here, it’s persisting down with rain. Lovely. we’ve had almost a fortnight of frosty clear weather, almost like christmas when I was a boy.

    But, I don’t care about the weather, I have my new Schlock book to gloat over! Outer wrapping was a bit chewed, but thanks to excllent packing, the book came through unscathed.

    The book is excellent, like the bonus story, and nice to see the next generation of Taylers in the credits, too 🙂 Do a new t-shirt and I’ll buy one (provided you do “marquee-size” (XXL at least…depending on how generous the sizing is), that’s a promise.

  2. We’re getting hit here in western colorado too. I left to visit family with the driveway completely visible, and an hour later when I came back we had an inch and a half of snow in my driveway.

    1. Yeah, last night the local Denver newscasters dropped the “chance of scattered flurries” from their predictions. Fortunately, I saw Howard’s blog post. This morning everyone thought I was prescient.

      I just know that if Utah gets shellacked, we’re going to get shellacked too.


  3. Even the Seattle area put aside its usual rainy drizzle, and managed to get two to four inches of snow dumped on top of it Christmas day. Not a common occurrence, but a happy surprise nonetheless.

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