This guy made my day…

So… I’m navigating a Super Target parking lot, my emotions running the gamut from “frustrated” to “astounded” at the amount of traffic bottled up on the way in and out. Parking places weren’t hard to find, and my son and I got a really good one, but the trip back out was proving to be a test of my patience.

I’m waiting to turn left, and the guy on the straightaway I’m trying to get on to rolls down his window, looks me in the eye, and yells “I LOVE YOUR COMIC.” He then points at my license plate to indicate how he figured out who I was.

I couldn’t hear him, because my window was still up, and there were about a million automobile engines idling, revving, roaring, and/or seizing up within earshot. I smiled, mouthed “THANK YOU” and gave him a thumbs up.

Yeah, this pretty much made my day. I think it’s the first time I’ve been noticed on the road by a complete stranger.

23 thoughts on “This guy made my day…”

  1. That is totally awesome!

    I have yet to get the license plate “KLEPTOBOT” because I’m afraid that someone will steal my car, and because vanity plates only allow 7 letters.

      1. If the number of letters allowed in vanity plates is sufficient reason for you to pack up and move, you have a vanity problem. 🙂

        Then again… if I could get SCHLOCKMERCENARY.COM on my license tag someplace I might consider licensing a car there…

    1. Technically, I don’t think I’m required to have a front tag. I’d have to look up Utah law on the matter. They issued me two plates, though, and vanity plates are, by definition, something you want to put where people can see them. 🙂

  2. Last week(?) and I were driving on the freeway. He looked over and said “There goes Howard.” Sure enough we’d been passed by a green bug with Schlock plates.

  3. That is pretty cool! Well, if I ever make my way over to your area I’ll know what to look for!

    More likely I’ll just see you again at a con, though.

    It’s great the way little things like that can turn a frustrating day into a good one.

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