Get your wallets ready…

Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of HappinessSchlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness is being sent off for printing this week. It is 240 pages long, including nine pages of what one trusted pre-reader called “the most satisfying bonus story ever.”

The full-color book includes all the strips from June 12th, 2000 through November 11th, 2001… that’s 507 days of Schlock, for just $25.00.

We probably won’t have books in hand for shipping until late November, but I’m very optimistic about being able to ship books in time for Christmas delivery, or any other end-of-the-year gift-giving you plan to do.

Did I say $25.00? The price for the book (not including shipping) is $25.00 US, but if you pre-order, it’s only $20. If you want to pre-order a sketch edition, that will be $30. We’re going to run things the way we did this time last year — if you want a sketch edition, you need to pre-order it during the 24-hour “window” right at the beginning.

Pre-orders are not open yet.

But they will open soon.

Watch this space…

27 thoughts on “Get your wallets ready…”

  1. Oh noooooo…

    … I got lucky last time, in that I happened to be able to keep aware of timing enough to know about the 24-hour window, but what if I **MISS** it? (gnaws fingernails to the elbows in worry)

  2. Please, please, please Howard, put the announcement about pre-orders for the sketch edition on your LJ. At least THAT I stand a good chance of seeing within the 24 hour window!

    Pretty please?

    Or… Ominous Hum….

  3. You coming to Penguicon, so I can, in accordance with tradition, slack off until the con and then buy a copy from you in person at full price? 😉

    (The Pirate Captain, if you don’t recognize the LJ.)

        1. Methinks I’ll be at LepreCON this time to get my set signed/sketched/vandalized/etc…

          Sign me up at least for book three, though.

  4. Time to start herding the cats, then. I hope you appreciate how difficult it is to get a group of Computer Science students to agree on anything before a deadline. 😉

  5. Yippee!!
    Two questions:

    1. All I get when I click the “watch this space” link, is garbage. It is just me or should it look like that?

    2.Will there be a shipping discount for buying all 3 books in one shot?

    1. 1) That page is an RSS feed. If it’s not working, your browser doesn’t recognize RSS.

      2) We haven’t computed that yet. It will certainly be cheaper than shipping them separately, though.

  6. So for the Provoids (or whatever you call us local folks), is there a pre-order at the Keep to remove shipping prices? And how would that work with sketch editions?

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