I saw Pirates III today and loved it. I laughed. I cheered. I cried. I pondered. I had piles of fun. I waited until the very end of the credits, and I’m glad I did.

The plot was very complex, but I paid attention, and was rewarded for that. The film hangs together very, very nicely. The first film is still better as a stand-alone offering, but this film and the 2nd one are better overall (and pretty much have to be treated as a pair.)

Every question the 2nd film left me with was answered to my satisfaction in the third one. And I had a LOT of questions.

My only complaint (other than the bladder complaints, but that’s my fault for not ordering a smaller drink) was that the Kraken was handled a little too conveniently. They made a great point with it, but storywise it didn’t make much sense. Beckett would not have relinquished control of a tool like that unless it was dangerous to him personally, and that danger was never described.

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  1. Expendable

    Meh…I had no problem with the Kraken issue. I just thought that the Kraken was an expendable asset to Beckett. In this case it was more valuable to be sure how far he could push Jones. If he submitted, his plans were go. If not, better find someone to stab the heart.

  2. It seems to me that Beckett was erring on the side of caution: You note that through most of the film Beckett took great pains to manipulate Jones through threatening to destroy his heart. While he had an easy tool to jerk jones around, the Kraken was another animal entirely. By ordering jones to destroy the Kraken, he essentially removed the one bargaining chip that Jones had for his freedom. This is just my opinion, so your mileage may vary…

  3. Yeah, unlike in the first two films, where the end credits tag was an expendable gag, I think the scene at the VERY end in this film really has to be seen by the mass populace. It’s really quite moving if you care one iota for the characters.

  4. Beckett would not have relinquished control of a tool like that unless it was dangerous to him personally, and that danger was never described.

    I thought of that too, but I basically reasoned that the Kraken was just too big a wild card for Beckett to leave in Jones’s control… he might be able to find a way to get his heart back with it and enough of a distraction. Everything else Beckett could see coming.

  5. I think that as the Kraken was the only thing that Jones alone could control, he could call it on any ship, any time and Beckett would have no defence. Only Jones could kill it, and in forcing him to do so Beckett would have complete control over Jones, and nothing else could be put in his way. It also would demonstrate Beckett’s absolute control over Jones – he would know that he could be counted on to commit any lesser evil at Beckett’s behest.

    I agree with you completely though – I watched the second at home Saturday night and the third in the theatre last night, and they are collectively the most fun I’ve had with movies in a long, long time.

  6. Questions answered.

    I’m glad your questions were answered.

    Many of mine were left waiting for a fourth movie. And the possibility of a forth film was also added to my list of questions.

    For instance, I still don’t understand why Jack went into the deal with Davy to get the Pearl to begin width. 100 years for one ship for a pirate as cunning as Jack has proven to be is a pretty steep price.

    Unless the whole point of ALL THREE MOVIES was to manipulate EVERYONE into doing the thing that happened in the third film. But Jack’s notorious selfishness, and the considerable risk of spending some time dead as part of the plan makes even that an odd possibility.

    1. Re: Questions answered.

      I think Jack basically reasoned that by the time all was said and done, he’d have some way to weasel out of his debt one way or another.

      1. Re: Questions answered.

        Yeah, that’s my thought. He figured he’d find a way to beat Jones at his own game, and ten years should have been plenty of time.

        What he didn’t realize is that he got ten total years, not ten years as acting captain — in the first film he probably figured he had at least eight years still coming to him.

    2. Fourth Movie

      At this time, they are not considering a Fourth Movie, last I heard.

      Johnnie Depp is open to the idea, if he likes the script. But nobody is considering it.

      I myself, much as I loved the films, would find this to be a pleasing end point. Too many movies go beyond a good trilogy into a serial downward spiral. I would rather see it end brilliantly, then see it continue downhill.


  7. Confusion

    See, I rather enjoyed the movie, but I was running far too long that night and kept having to catch up to the movie. I enjoy the franchise, but I’ve only ever seen each movie once, twice for the second when I showed it to a friend, but it still has been awhile. I was a bit lost.

    I still enjoyed it, but for some reason the movie seemed pretty predictable to me, I wasn’t really surprised by anything they did. I did enjoy the battles, although I think the sword fight from the second is still my favorite, the clash the ships at the end of the movie was pretty nice and in all I rather enjoyed it. I forced everyone to stay to the end, and it was worth it.

    I was a bit confused about the Kraken actually, but I thought the scene worked well, even if it was a throwaway. They might have a deleted scene explaining it or something,

    Was it just me or was that movie the most violent of the trilogy?

    1. Re: Confusion

      It was by far the most violent, yes. And yes, the “wheel of fortune” swordfight at the end of the 2nd film was wonderful.

      1. Darkest of the Three

        It was the darkest of the films, there were sometimes where I’m thinking…

        “Wow, this is pretty brutal. This IS a Disney Film, right?”

        My mother was watching it with me, and she wasn’t as comfortable with the film as I was. I know what to expect from Pirate films, and I know what to expect from Disney Films (lately), and this kinda surprised me. Well done though, in my opinion.

  8. “The length of the film should be directly related to the endurance of human bladder.” Attributed to Alfred Hitchcock.

  9. The scene after the credits made the difference between the movie disappointing me and the movie being great. Were I responsible for such things, I would have ended the movie on that scene. OTOH, I disliek the ending to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as well.

  10. I missed the final scene, but had it explained to me. Frankly, I think that situation kinda sucks when you consider the long term.

    I liked the second film more, I think. And the first film was by far the best.

    Maybe it was Kiera’s outfits.

    1. I got 2 things out of it (that I think I can explain without spoiling):
      a) Will is no longer under the terms of his “deal” made at the end of the fight – subtle implications drawn from position of sun and the “flash” at the beginning of the scene (which you almost have to see to understand, I guess).


      b)Elizabeth does NOT appear to have aged enough – the terms of Will’s deal almost certainly have to have a secondary effect on whoever holds the collateral, otherwise the collateral becomes worthless; without something to work on, it has no power…

  11. Hmmm, I was not able to stay to see the scene at the end of the closing credits (I was with my wife, who always wants to leave as soon as the first closing credit peeks up at the bottom of the screen, and sometimes even before that).

    I suppose I’ll have to go watch the movie again by myself to catch it. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, at all.

  12. The HMS BOUNTY!


    This ship, I served on as a deckhand, and met my wife on!

    And it was in the third movie too!!! Right at the end before the credits, you can see it on the right. I hope that doesn’t spoil anything by telling people there are ships in the movie.

    My sister-in-law and her new husband (My new brother-in-law) got paid $150 a DAY for Five Months!!! for only five days of work… I’m so envious I did not get to be a part of that. And she saw them film that little bit I was referring too.

    But, I loved the movie as well. It was completely over the top, and definitely lived up to my expectations of adventures on the high seas.

    By the way, the HMS Bounty was in the Second Pirates of the Carribean movie as well, it was the ship with the “ghost bride” aka dress on it.

    I miss her, and would go sailing on her again, but I have a family now, a daughter who is a product of me and my wife getting married, which is because we met on this very ship! Ah well… it’s a fair trade.


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