Oh, the irony…

I’ve had a great day with the kids. Gleek and Patches especially were wonderful in the morning and early afternoon. See, I had to tend the homestead while Sandra ran nancyfulda and her two young’uns to the airport for their return to Germany, and then pick up a friend who was flying in from someplace else.

So… I came into my office to write about it, and before I’d even opened up Semagic there was screaming. Gleek got frustrated at something, and decided to kick Patches in the head. I don’t tolerate that kind of behavior, so Gleek got hauled up into her room while she screamed at me (no, she never bothered to apologize to her brother — she made excuses along the lines of “I didn’t want him to do that”).


I think one of the most important things we can remember in these short, tumultous little mortal soujourns is that no matter how bad a given experience may be, it does not undo the happy times. Or at least I think I need to keep telling myself that.

6 thoughts on “Oh, the irony…”

  1. I blame rap music.

    I’ve enjoyed your comic and your personal friendship, coming to Linucon 2 and all under my rather lackluster tenure, but I have been meaning to speak out on this for a while.

    Dude – you keep letting your kids listen to Vanilla Ice, and you KNOW that can’t be good for him. I realize he’s the most prominent Mormon rapper around, but I’m not sure that excuses a cover of Play That Funky Music White Boy. I know I kicked MY siblings after I listened to it, and a quick survey of the MCSE class I’m sitting in pretty much confirms my theory that Vanilla Ice directly leads to siblerian violence.

    Break the cycle, Mr. Tayler. Before it’s too late.

      1. Oh sure, you mock me now.

        Just wait until your children start listening to Celine Dion and sacrificing warthogs to the dark gods of chaos in the backyard.

        Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria.

        It’s a slippery slope, I tell ya. You need to get them in the 4H but quick, or they’ll end up selling pixie sticks on the side of the road to fund their college educations, and THEN where will they be?

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