Last night I looked in the mirror and my face was noticably thinner. I’m down about 6 pounds from my high of 192, and I’m down a half pound from what had been my lowest point in the last 6 months.

Being sick probably helped a bit. I’m back on the “eat what you want when you’re hungry” diet for the weekend, which probably means I’ll gain a pound or two on carb-binges (no self-control yet) unless the cold continues to hammer my appetite into quiet submission.

In other news, I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast for the crew. Sandra loved ’em, which is the important thing since today is her birthday. I had two, and they were pretty good, but not so good that I wanted to stuff myself. So far, so good.

I’m enjoying being out of my own house, but I’m already looking forward to going home and getting back to work. If I push just right, I’ll have the inked buffer a month ahead at the end of January, which means that by January 31st the first strips in March will already be inked. I haven’t been far enough ahead at the end of a month for that to happen since February of 2004.

5 thoughts on “Thinner…”

  1. I noticed a significant weight loss myself the other day. I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow. I’ve really been loosing weight.” Then I remembered that I had quit soda and stuck strictly to water.

    Good job.

  2. I had a cold right after the first of the year. I wasn’t hungry for a week, and didn’t eat anything at all for three days. I lost 11 pounds, although I’ve since gained back four of them.

  3. Awww, but if your face gets thinner, you’ll stop being the adorable round-faced cartoonist we all know and love!

    …Or something. I, um, had a thought, but I lost it, so all we have is the travesty you see before you. So, um. Congratulations, though.

    Hey look something shiny!

  4. Wife and I have started a reduced carb diet this week. So far, haven’t lost any real weight but am certainly eating less already. We’re cooking more vegies in butter to make up for the white stuff. Am starting to feel a bit less hungry between meals. Eating an energy bar throughout the day, a bite at a time, seems to help. Also, have to adjust to the fact that it’ll be about 20 minutes after eating before I feel un-hungry. Before, I’d keep eating until this kicked in; now, stop after one servring. Sigh. Apparently, if I keep this up for at least two weeks, my body will adjust and this’ll feel normal. So they say.

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