I caught a cold. It’s not a bad one, but I’ve got the whole post-nasal-drip, no energy, low appetite thing going on. Oh, and I had to drive 3 hours to Pocatello in order to get the family out of town for Sandra’s birthday.

I crashed on a spare bed upon arrival (crashed me, not the minivan) and then went out to buy some diet soda and Vitamin C, so I could properly medicate myself for the weekend. Ahh, the magic of caffeine and ascorbic acid… two great tastes that fool me into thinking I’m not sick while my body works overtime fighting the yuck.

Speaking of yuck… I assume you’ve all seen Orville Necro-Redenbacher in his new commercial. No? Well, it’s frightening. They computer animated a new, hipper Orville so that the real popcorn magnate could remain in the grave without impacting the company’s bottom line.

And that raises the following question: which dead corporate icon is next? Me, I think Dave Thomas might be the next candidate for a return frome the grave, and I just hope Wendy’s can be convinced by Necro-Orville’s frightening demeanor that bringing Dave back from the dead would be a bad idea.

Ronald Reagan, however… they can bring him back. In fact, if you payed attention during Back to the Future you know that sometime before 2015 they WILL. They need to get started on the rest of those Jaws sequels, though.

12 thoughts on “Siiiiick…”

  1. i guess they figured it was cheaper

    than asking one of Orville’s descendants to dress up like Dad (or Grandpa) and be in the commercial.

    (One of the grandkids, Gary Redenbacher, has been representing a group of which I’m a part in a lawsuit. You put him up against a photo of his grandpa and there’s no doubt they’re related. Apparently Gary was in one of the popcorn ads in the early ’70s as a teenager.)

  2. I seem to recall that after Dave Thomas died, the spokespersons for Wendy’s emphatically promised never to use his image. Or something along those lines.
    Not that I ever expect any promises to be kept, but STILL.

  3. Jaws

    They will also need to re-animate Peter Benchly, the original author of Jaws,” to get his permission since he died about 8 months ago. And based on the obituary which was published in the National Geographic back then (no I don’t have a photographic memory, I’ve just been trying to get through a 5 year back log of the yellow beasts, so they can be moved to off site storage……) I tend to wonder if he would give it. Seems he became quite a conservationist in his later years.


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