There will be no photo, nor weighing…

I bought one of the Granny B’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies in order to be able to bring it home, photograph the cookie in the package, and then weigh it on our postal scale.

Sadly, it was delicious several hours before I got it home. And I forgot where I put the wrapper.

If I continue to try to weigh one of these cookies I may gain a few pounds.

6 thoughts on “There will be no photo, nor weighing…”

    1. I sent them the following via their comments form:

      I think the nutritional information on the oatmeal cookies may be erroneous. It says that 28g of cookie has 240 calories. That’s 8.6 calories per gram.

      Straight sugar has only 4 calories per gram. Butter weighs in at 7 calories per gram. Lard actually makes it up to 8.8 calories per gram, but I’m pretty sure the cookie isn’t pressed lard.

      So… How do you do it? How do you get 960 calories into one 112g cookie? Or is the nutrional information on the package in error?

      1. Actually, the oatmeal raisin really does taste like pure lard to me. It’s one of the few granny’s cookies I just can’t stand, and it always ends up clogging up our vending machine so I assume that the opinion is a shared one…

  1. The ingredient that adds extra calories, is LOVE! 🙂

    Granny B’s Pink Frosted Sugar Cookie has sentimental value to me and Ross. We ate one together while we talked about getting married.

  2. BEFORE the photo shoot. Somewhere deep in the mind of Howard:

    The COOKie. It… It beckons me. Must reSIST. Oh! Can’t stop. Pret-ty wrapper! AHHHHH! (munch, munch, munch, munch…). Ahhhh… Oh Crap.

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