Some more resolute thoughts

Is it too late to keep mentioning resolutions?

Oh, good. Because one of mine is to stop procrastinating.

(I kid. I don’t have procrastination problems. My clients have deadline issues.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Resolutions. One of the ones I’m reluctant to state publicly (in part because failure will be obvious) is my resolve to write more. The associated goal is to blog something every day this year.

Some of you are already rolling your eyes at the thought of the signal-to-noise ratio around here dropping like a plumb-line from a hot-air balloon. Relax, folks. I have lots of interesting thoughts that I never write anything about. For instance: How is it possible that 28 grams of “Granny’s Oatmeal Raisin” cookie can have 240 calories? That’s just shy of 8.6 dietary calories per gram. Most forms of sugar only have about 4 calories per gram. Butter has about 7 calories per gram. Pure lard makes it up to 8.8 calories per gram, but the cookies taste too good to be made of straight lard. Could it be that the “nutrition facts” are misprinted on the cookie package? I hope so, because otherwise one 112-gram cookie has more calories than most ENTIRE MEALS.

So… I have things to write about, but I typically don’t allow myself the luxury of just sitting and writing when there’s work to be done. Of course, in those same situations I often don’t do the work, either. Thus it is that with my resolve to “be industrious” I find myself thinking that I really ought to write more, and blogging daily is a decent measure of that.

Yes, I’ll take vacations. No, I won’t blog everything all in one place. And yes, lots of what I blog will have pictures. That way I can use fewer words.

14 thoughts on “Some more resolute thoughts”

      1. But how does the effort compare?

        Does drawing those three pictures take the same amount of time as generating 3,000 words of passable prose?

          1. Unfortunately, no, I haven’t.

            Driving across a state or so for a con, I can understand people doing. The big blue wet thing is a bit above my means, though. 😉

            Oh, and nice work on the dragon on the Blógünder.

    1. If so, they should contract with the military to make ration bars. Just mix in some vitamins and some protein powder, and you’ve got a tasty cookie that’s a full meal.

  1. Those are still 4 kcal/g. The problem with refined sugar and HFCS is in how they interact with hunger regulation mechanisms, not the calorie density.

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