The biggest problem with this new hobby of mine…

The biggest problem with this new hobby of mine is that my birthday wish-list can no longer be automated with the help of

I want metal.

Boxes and boxes of soft, white metal, sculpted into fantastic shapes worthy of dreams and nightmares.


When I was a kid my parents would let us pore over the Sears catalog and circle the toys we most wanted Santa to bring us. We always ended up dog-earing and circling almost every page in that section of the book.

My Privateer Press catalog would look the same way if I let myself write on the pages. And don’t get me started on Vallejo paints or Reaper minis.

10 thoughts on “The biggest problem with this new hobby of mine…”

  1. I know that feeling. I was the same way when I was looking at the Vor miniatures. “Oh that’s a nice Growler, and I need a squad of Union troops, and wow those Neo-Soviets are awesome, better get some Pharon too…”

  2. If you want to see how bad it gets I’ll take a picture of my “to be played with later” box. Then my desk. Then the rest of the room…..

  3. Welcome to the world of lead addiction….

    Mmmmm, Reaper minis are well and truly sexy. I’ve never liked the Privateer stuff all that much. It’s a little TOO specific to be useful in other games, at least IMHO.

    My personal fave miniature sculptor in the world though is none other than Mark Copplestone ( who does everything from 1920’s gangsters to yetis to barbarian queens. The cost of shipping form the UK can be a pain, but they’re more than worth it!

    1. Re: Welcome to the world of lead addiction….

      Yeah, unless you’re playing a steampunk campaign, the Privateer Press figs aren’t going to cut it.

      Hey, lookit that! I’m playing lots of Steampunk lately. 🙂

  4. I have so much in the way of unpainted minis, it isn’t funny. Only the fact that I use the money from my OT and not the household fund keeps the missus from ebaying them… 😉

    Actually, I have a ton of Ogre miniatures that I need to paint. I love the paint schemes from the Ogre Miiniatures books and the SJ Games website, but I want to paint mine different. But I can’t decide on anythign I like more. Dang!

    I’ve also got a bunch of Void miniatures that I want to use for Frag. Just need to get some new paints. The old ones have dried out a bit.

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