And now I’ve got gut-rot

Whatever stomach-bug Sandra had yesterday is mine today. It’s hard to get anything done when the small gods of Gastro and Enteritis make war with one another, hurling their spears in the battleground of my belly. Their minions die by the thousands… it makes me sick to my stomach.

The gastro-enteritis war is depleting resources from other bodily nations, so I’m sending for aid packages all the way around. I see help on the horizon — troop and supply trains from Hotbath and Longnap.

Sketch editions… I think we’ve got 753 confirmed orders, and another 100 or so in limbo. We’ll get it all squared away before we set the number on the rubber-stamp.

6 thoughts on “And now I’ve got gut-rot”

  1. I recommend you hire mercenary peacekeepers from the land of Yogurt. Those bad boys will restore order in no time. Make sure they’re the intellectual “live culture” kind, not those boorish uncultured oafs from the Pasteur.

  2. Just to put that number in perspective…

    That’s $7,530 confirmed…

    I’m thinking Howard might be able to afford the really pretty ink for the printer…

    And by golly, he deserves it.

    Howard, my hat is off to you. And my sympathy… Your sketching hand is going to be busy as heck… From book arrival till the moment you ship, I’m guessing you’ll be able to do little else than sketch… Maybe you should teach Kiki how to sign your name or something…

  3. I’m sorry you’re feeling yucky Howard 🙁 Seems to be a lot of people I know getting the same sort of thing, so I’m going to stay away from you! Not that you’re ever at the store when we drop in, if we didn’t adore you we’d think we were being avoided! 🙂

  4. Usually Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon when I get done with classes. The last few times we came in later than what you’re usually there. Though Dan said he saw Schlock Mobile getting gas the other day!

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