Thirty-Three Rows… time for bed

I colored four rows this morning, and then had a great day at the Keep. I pencilled 12 rows, and inked 9 of them.

Back at home I realized that in order to have a productive day at the Keep on Thursday, I would be needing scripts. So I cranked out 8 rows of scripts for the bonus story.


It was a good day. A REALLY good day. Hopefully I didn’t burn out, because I need to have good day tomorrow.

The scorecard: 12 days left, 203 rows to go.


2 thoughts on “Thirty-Three Rows… time for bed”

  1. Excellent! You have shown tremendous ability to keep up the “funny”, despite the pressures and rigors of the various commitments you undertake.

    You’re an extraordinary fellow, Mr. Tayler, and I wish you every success. And it seems that you are going out, patiently hunting that success, and dragging it home to your deserving family.

    Your first book is marvelous; it really does add layers beyond even the wonderful online strip. In addition to the kudos and accolades richly deserved, you’re getting new readers from this effort; I guarantee it. ];-)

    ===|==============/ Level Head

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