Yup. It’s Appendicitis.

I’m off to the hospital to relieve Sandra. Chalain and Chaliren are tending Kiki, Link, and Patches, who are going to get a slumber party with their Aunt Aly later this evening.

Gleek is going under the knife this evening.

Thanks in advance for the kind thoughts.


23 thoughts on “Yup. It’s Appendicitis.”

  1. Best wishes man,
    My cousin had that, from what I gather it’s pretty routine procedure territory right? I’m sure Gleek will be fine, and the rest of your kids will enjoy being left in the care of “uncles” and “Aunties”, whether they’re blood relatives or family friends.

  2. Wow. Poor Gleek – Poor Mom & Dad, too!

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know, even while you were juggling emergency arrangements and the associated stress.

    Since we’re not local to offer substantive support like meal prep, carpool, kid wrangling or hugs, prayers on are on their way to all of you. Give S our love.

  3. NOT Appendicitis


    I just got off the phone with Howard. The surgeon has checked her over and has concluded that she does not, in fact, have appendicitis. They’re calling in a pediatrician to look at her, because she certainly does have an internal infection, but right now it does not look like the appendix, so she’s off the imminent surgery list.

  4. ::hugs:: If it’s allright, I’ll ad my prayers and well wishes. I know you’re observant in your faith, and I wanted to ask before I prayed for your kidlet, given that I’m not Christian.

  5. RE:Yup. It’s Appendicitis.

    All my best to Gleek, thankfully popping out an irritable appendix is one of the simpler bits of surgery that is done these days…..


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