Gleek is pretty sick…

Gleek, our five-year-old, has been running a fever now for three days. Sandra ran her down to InstaCare when it opened this morning, and just returned to tell me that they’re now going down to Utah Valley Memorial Hospital to check Gleek for appendicitis. Apparently between the blood work and urinalysis, they’ve been able to conclude that she DOES have some sort of internal infection, and the cramp she has in her side is Not A Good Sign.

I’m sure Sandra will provide us with a full run-down when she returns. Right now I’m in that hopeful/fearful fog. I’ve got three kids to tend to here at home while Momma Bear chases the apes (or ape-ndicitises) away from one of the cubs.

That’s the wrong metaphor. Poppa bear doesn’t tend kids. He roams freely, and in a pinch will eat them. THIS Poppa bear ate eggs for breakfast (someone ELSE’s children when you get right down to it.) Regardless, here I am, waiting.


11 thoughts on “Gleek is pretty sick…”

  1. Eep. Best wishes to your child.

    I’ve no doubt that everything will be fine – children are remarkably tough, as far as illness and such go – but that doesn’t make it happier to deal with.

  2. Sympathies dude, somedays it isn’t easy being a parent…

    Hope Gleek gets better, but it sounds like you caught it in time. Prayers being said nonetheless.

  3. Thanks for debunking your own metaphor… (Although strictly speaking what you’re eating is a hen’s menst… oh, TMI, right, sorry. People don’t want to know that part of biology.) And wish her good luck from all of us. I’m sure she’ll be fine. 🙂

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