Up and Down

Yesterday I was super productive. I scripted, then pencilled, and then inked six days of Schlock. Usually I don’t take something through more than a couple of stages of creation in one day… it felt good at the end of the day, looking back and realizing that at 8am I had nothing — no scripts to pencil, no pencils to ink — and by 8pm I had a week’s worth.

Today began with a pile of coloring on my plate. I’ve gotten none of it done. I also have a huge knot of neck pain.

The good news is that I got some exercise. I played my first round of Disc Golf this season. I shot really, really well once you take that into account — 3 over par (with some fudging for one missed mandatory we were too lazy to take the drop on), which is about as well as I ever did last season.

Of course, the exercise wiped me out. I’ve had something like three hours of naps so far today. I’m thinking that yesterday morning’s energy drink was sort of a time-warp-in-a-can, allowing me to borrow today yesterday.

Maybe I’ll get some coloring done this evening. If not, there’s still tomorrow. I don’t run out of colored-and-uploaded strips until… um… Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Up and Down”

  1. I relaise its odd to rate these things for comic book characters.
    But I have a hard time understanding Tagon’s reactions, since I think Elf looked nicer the way shes normally drawn.

  2. Just out of curiosity, where do you go for Disc Golf? I only know one park, between Provo and Springville, and since Spring Semester is upon us, it’d be good to know of other courses in the area. (Also, where’s a good place to get Disc Golf frisbees? I used my old roommate’s before, and since he’s moved…)

    1. The park you’re thinking of is where I go.

      I get my discs at Park Sportsman on North State in Orem… it’s around the 700 block on the East side.


  3. Disc Golf

    If you’re ever in the Vancouver, BC area and want a disc golf tour guide, let me know. I’ve played half a dozen disc golf courses out here and would love to play a round or two with you.


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