Twenty-One rows today…

I plowed through twenty-one rows today.

For the uninitiated, a “row” is one row of Schlock comics taken through one of the four stages of creation — scripting, pencilling, inking, or coloring.

I scripted 8 rows (seven days – one week), pencilled 8 rows, and inked 5 rows.

That’s more than double (well… BARELY more than double) my “ideal” daily output of 10 rows. It takes this week’s output to 39 rows, which is an average of 13 rows per day so far, and is the equivalent of a full week of buffer (9*4=36… a full week of comics completed is 36 rows of work). Sure I still need to color stuff, but I’m happy with my output.

Sadly, I cranked the engine so hard that I’m wide awake and it’s almost 1:30am. I finished the last of the pencilling just under two hours ago. *sigh*. This probably means that I’ll be lucky to get six rows tomorrow… but I’m going to push anyway. The buffer has languished for too long in the single digits.


6 thoughts on “Twenty-One rows today…”

  1. I plowed through twenty-one rows today.

    You rock. (Not that this is news.) 🙂

    Sadly, I cranked the engine so hard that I’m wide awake and it’s almost 1:30am.

    Speaking of “the engine”, have you ever read a book titled simply Armor, by John Steakley? If not, I recommend it. Aside from being a damned good book, it’s, well, shall we say … Schlockiverse-compatible in ways that I strongly suspect you’d get once you read it.

  2. Hmm. Just to recap for myself …

    6 rows make Mon-Sat plus 3 on Sun = 9 rows / wk x 4 steps = 36 “rows” to be done every week.

    And you did 21. Rock! That’s better than half a week in a day.

    But yeah, a more even pacing would be ‘desirable.’ (‘Desirable’ = ‘rarely attainable in a universe with entropy and (entropy’s enhanced form) children.

    Speaking of, how’s Gleek? Not speaking of, “There Will Be Dragons” was fun. Thanks for the tip.


    1. Gleek’s fine.

      In other news, Sandra says I’m in a manic phase, and that it probably is peaking right about now. That fits. Oh well. Work while the sun shines.

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