Plumb: Okay, so I don’t get out much

Michelle at Dragon’s Keep had her iPod in the “we all get to listen” slot, and something came on that I liked.

(not that I hated the rest of the stuff… it’s just that something came on that I really LIKED)

She told me it was “Plumb.” I went home and checked out some Plumb on iTunes and on the Plumb website.

Wow. I’m enjoying this as much as I enjoyed my discovery of Evanescence three years or so ago.

Thanks, Michelle!

8 thoughts on “Plumb: Okay, so I don’t get out much”

    1. I’m with you… except for the spend money part. Sandra won’t let me. We’ve got more now, but we’re supposed to use it freezing the lava so we can run to the next pot.

  1. Plumb has some decent stuff… but they put out a “Best of” album after only two albums… kinda thought they had disappeared…

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