The sun went down sooner than I expected it to

Yesterday was NOT a productive day. I managed to get a couple of absolutely critical things done, but mostly I caught up on the sleep I lost on Wednesday night/Tuesday morning and moped about how the fire had gone out.

It went out about the time I took my car in to be fixed and they told me I couldn’t have it back until the end of the day. Suddenly my schedule was off, and my body said “well, since THAT schedule won’t work, let’s try the one where you sleep all day.”

I don’t know if I’m manic right now. I’m working, though. I’ve got about 21 rows’ worth to get done today in order to stay on track, and I do mean to finish them. The goal between now and the end of Saturday is 30 rows of work, which would put two complete weeks of strips in the can.

Then I can take Sunday off, like a good Mormon boy is supposed to.

And then Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday I need to get ANOTHER week of strips done.

I’m not turbo-charged right now, but I’m planning to get my game on nonetheless.

One thought on “The sun went down sooner than I expected it to”

  1. Man, yesterday was like that for me. I was up all hours of the night Wednesday working, then yesterday my body was like “Forget about grading those tests, you know you just want to relax and snooze.” So now I’ve got to double-time to finish them up today. Oh well, I know you’ll crank through all that Schlock and get the buffer back up to some sickening double-digits.

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