Taking a Page from Chalain

chalain tells me that when you’re manic the best thing you can do is cut yourself off early and get some sleep, even if you need to medicate. That way the day after a solid manic episode doesn’t end up being a total loss.

Friday I was reasonably productive. I got 13 rows worth of work done — coloring, pencilling, and inking. Unfortunately, in order to hit my goal of adding a week to the buffer before leaving for Penguicon, I have to get at least 17 rows done TODAY. No way can I afford a repeat of Thursday, when I slept most of the day and got nothing done. So… last night at around 8pm I popped a couple of Excedrin PM and a handful of melatonin (Yes, this is a dosage I’ve taken before. No this is not something I do often. Relax, please. I know I did.) and drew myself a bath. I had a nice meal, a hot bath, and then read 60 pages of the latest Star Risk book. And then I rolled over and went to sleep at about 9:00pm.

I got roughly 11 hours of sleep. I’m ready to rock this morning.


5 thoughts on “Taking a Page from Chalain”

  1. Mmm. I just woke up from 11 hours of sleep myself.

    However, I was recovering from a con, so I’m not so much “ready to rock” as “able to function at all”.

    Hope you hit your goal!

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