The Sweet Smell of Productivity

I’ve been “distracted” from working on the comic for the last two weeks, what with all the work involved in getting the book ready. I burned through a week of buffer, and woke up this morning with only 5 strips in the can.

After my morning routine (kids to school, me to the gym, come home and eat, then nap) I hauled my gear to Dragon’s Keep to get some work done. At a minimum I needed to get this coming Sunday’s strip pencilled and inked.

I managed to pencil and ink Sunday, and then pencil and ink the rest of the week. It took a solid seven hours (with breaks for eating, shooting the bull, etc), but I pulled it off. They’re good strips, too. (Well… next Friday’s strip is questionable. It’s an experimental sight gag, and while *I* like it, I’m sure there are those who won’t).

How do I feel? Awesome. Tomorrow I’m hoping to be similarly productive, coloring everything I’ve inked. And then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday can be spent putting yet ANOTHER week in the can. Only then will I feel good about the fact that I’m travelling to a convention a week from Thursday.


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