Make an offer…

I’ve got a few items taking up space in my house. If you have some interest in taking these off my hands, make an offer.

1) NEC Accusync 90 18″ monitor (trinitron tube, I think). At 1280×1054 the lower third of the monitor is a teency bit blurry. Probably worth about $50, and likely luxuriously large at 1024×768, where the blurriness isn’t noticable.

2) gigging musician’s “carpeted” rack-box . The rack-box has 10 rack-spaces and is 12 inches deep, with panels closing the front and back of the box for safe transport (not rated for air-cargo though). One of the two front-closure snaps needs repair (re-attach female snap to nylon closure), but all pieces are present. Probably worth around $50.

3) Sabine FBX 2020 stereo feedback eliminator (occupies one rack-space in item #2 above). eBay says it’s worth around $500. I paid $900 a decade ago. I guess these things hold their value pretty well. If you run sound, especially in a theater setting with floor mics or “choir” mics it’s a godsend.

Naturally, Sandra and I would both love to get lots of money out of these, but we harbor no illusions about their actual value. We’d also rather not have to go to UPS to ship them (especially not the monitor).


One thought on “Make an offer…”

  1. A comic artist of some note has place an item on ebay that is garnering them quite a lot of money. You may consider originals or prints of some of yours for sale or bidding war.

    I’ll forward the music gear info to a friend.

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