No fresh Homestar for a MONTH!

I’m wondering why there’s been no fresh Homestar Runner for a month now. The “main” page still says it was last updated on December fifth.

In other news, for certain non-positive and non-negative integer values of “X,” it is now “20X6” (pronounced “twenty-ecksdee-six.”) Where’s my blue hair? (I’ve GOT really cool boots.)


(Note: I’m using the first definition here for the word “integer.” You math nuts can take a chill pill in advance, safe in the knowledge that I know YOUR definition exists, but I choose not to use it.)

24 thoughts on “No fresh Homestar for a MONTH!”

  1. I understand that Gav over at Nukees is quite fond of his blue hair.

    Reading your post up there, I found myself wondering who in the heck would e-mail you about your choice of definition for the word “integer.” ….aaand then I remembered that this is the Internet, and it takes all kinds. ha!

  2. Eh, I just caught up on Homestar last week. I’d not watched any of it since before the new halloween skit went up so there was a good bit of new stuff to watch. 🙂

    Maybe HSR is taking a month off for christmas, like Glenn Beck. 🙂

  3. The avatar says it all…

    I’ve been wondering the same thing! Where have the Brothers Chaps gone? We didn’t get a Decemberween Toon or nothin’!


    1. Re: The avatar says it all…

      On a side note, I was watching Fantastic Four today, and I realized that with your beard gone, you look a bit like Michael Chiklis/Ben Grimm. (Pre-radiation, of course.)

        1. Re: The avatar says it all…

          The question is, do you smash things with enough fervor? All is forgiven if you can muster up the proper righteous fury and glee in wanton destruction. Oh, and the proper accent on “Whadda revoltin’ development.”

  4. I’m a math nut… And you are using the correct definition of “integer,” as far as I’m aware. What alternate definition are you choosing to not use?

    1. Quite correct. The other definitions he might be thinking of would probably be better named “counting numbers” or “whole numbers”.

      On a side note, what if X is not a 0-9 number, but a positive integer in a different base? That would put its value at 33. Assuming a base 33 system, 20X6 is well into the future. In fact, if my rough estimate is correct, it’s tens of thousands of years into the future, and that’s just in base 33. It could go all the way into 20Z6. And this is all assuming that they’re starting from the same year. What if their year zero is after ours? Better yet, what if Stinkoman’s year zero is in our future? [/math nut]

      We may be waiting a long time on that blue hair…

        1. Oh no! It gets worse and worse. At this rate, we may not even get the cool robot boots or shiny thumbless hands, let alone the blue hair.

    2. Hmmm… I appear to be wrong. I re-read the definitions, and I must have misread a couple of them such that I thought they EXCLUDED zero, which seemed a little esoteric to me, but hey.

      Now I can’t find ANY definition of “integer” that excludes zero. Clarity later at night? Stranger things have happened.


        1. For the “20×6” reference you have to wait ’till the end, then click on the word “japanese cartoons.” Or activate the FLASH frame and hit “tab” until it lights up, and then hit ENTER.


  5. Where has homestar gone? Did Strong Bad kick him out? Did that cause the site to end production? Why are they not talking to us?

    Is it also maybe due to people not e-mailing Strong Bad. This may account for the ‘no new content’ plaugue that has swept Strongbadia.

    The most interesting (and strange) part about it all is that you never know just who watches Homestar Runner.

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