All the way at the bottom of this article:

But Debbie Goetzke of West Allis, Wisconsin, said she loves the frenetic pace of Thanksgiving weekend shopping. She headed out at 8 a.m. Thursday to buy a newspaper for the ads so she could start planning her Friday shopping strategy.

“I finished my Christmas shopping in the beginning of October,” she said. “I just go out on Friday because I love the hustle and bustle.”

I guess the hustle and bustle is more fun if you can park at the far end of the lot and not care, because you’re not going to be carrying anything.

13 thoughts on “Masochist…”

  1. Am so glad Black Friday is our wedding anniversary (is easier to remember than an actual date). All we have to do is go out for dinner and buy chocolate. Yum!

    That shopping lady sounds scary. But then there are people who like to live in big cities so I guess there’s all types out there.

  2. You know, I can see how someone would enjoy the Black Friday madness if they don’t actually need to be acquiring anything that day. But if you go in with an actual purpose, then, well, that way lies madness.

  3. LOL! You’d hate me, then, because I’m going out for only one reason: to drop things off at the dojang I train at. From there, I’m going to go meander the stores and not feel any stress at all, since I did most of my shopping online already 😀

    1. Not only did I do all of my shopping online, but I did all of my shopping yesterday, before the Christmas rush.

      Of course, all I had to do was purchase presents for six people, so… But I can always do more. Been looking over Child’s Play, for instance… Hmmm….

  4. Ms. Goetzke obviously does not have to shop with one or more small children in tow.

    On Black Friday I avoid all stores like the plague and keep my children home with me where keeping track of them is easy.

  5. Yeesh. The only leaving the house that’s happening for us today is dropping the Netflix disks into the mail.

    I hate crowds. You’d have to pay me a lot of money to even think about going out on Black Friday.

  6. I actually rather enjoy black friday. It’s a pretty big event for me and my friends. About a dozen of us stay up all night and stand in line at some store (it doesn’t matter which, but usually Best Buy), and generally have a grand time of things, even though only a few of us are actually there to buy anything. There’s something surreal about serenly strolling through a crowd of frenzied consumers as the doors open, an experience I’ve yet to duplicate anywhere else.

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