I love Forecastfox

I love Forecastfox.

I’ve got this row of forecast icons on the status bar in Firefox, and I’ve been watching Saturday’s weather. When it was a week out it was a sunny day. Four days out and it had a “mostly cloudy” icon. Three days out and it showed as being “rainy.”

Two days out and it shows as “colder, with snow and rain.”

Even when I checked the weather every day at weather.com, I never got this sort of graphical insight into how the forecast for a day may change as it gets closer.

Anyway, forecastfox is fun. I forget who pointed me at it, but thank you.


10 thoughts on “I love Forecastfox”

  1. *grin*

    I’ve had it for awhile now… you know how you cutomise it? Well, I had to create an entire toolbar just to fit it all on. Weather forecasting never used to be this much fun!

    Speaking of nifty mod’s, have you seen tagzillia [no it’s not a prowrestler in a monster suit]. It’s a rather handy little gizmo that works as well with firefox as mozillia. [I run 1.07, the latest build and it’s ok].

    Basically it’s a organizer and insertion utiity for all those nifty taglines or footers that people put at the bottom of posts; mail, newsgroups or blogs. [well, I’ve tested it on Blogger and LJ].

        1. The reason for the late reply is that I just got the LJ post e:mail notification. Something got gummed up in the works. Probably LJ.com’s fault.

  2. I tried it out for a while, but it slogged down Firefox enough that I finally uninstalled it. If I really need to know the weather, Weather.com is a shortcut away, but that isn’t often enough for me.

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