iPod recovery

For those interested in the accounts of the Utah Valley iPod thefts and their recovery, I could no longer find the “headline” article because it was too old to be browsed to, but the cracking of the caper can be found here.

The break in the case came when Mom saw her jobless, moneyless son sporting a new iPod… I bet Thanksgiving is going to be a little awkward at their house this year.


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  1. Hrm…

    What are the odds that upping the page visits on that story might lead to more/better coverage of similar stories? Does the Herald even keep track of those things (they should, but then, it *is* the Herald).

    Just an insidious thought…

  2. That story is neither alarming nor subversive, and I frankly feel it should never have even graced the newspaper. That space could have been spent on an expanded horoscope column.

    < /sarcasm>

  3. I bet Thanksgiving is going to be a little awkward at their house this year.

    Saying grace over the turkey:
    “Dear Lord, I thank you for the ability to bitchslap my idiot son.”

    I find it interesting that when the mother noticed her son had a new iPod, the first thing she did was call the cops on him, rather than confronting him herself. A sad statement about parental control.

    1. Excellent prayer. I would add, “And please Lord, help my son survive his stay in jail by giving him the wisdom and common sense he’s demonstrated such a profound lack of up.”

    2. I’m not convinced that she didn’t. She may have confronted him, and THEN gone to the cops. The article was sparse on that kind of detail.


  4. One of the burglars dropped a cell phone during the heist? I love it when the bad guys hang themselves.

    The down side is now they’ll be sent to bad guy college for a few semesters and probably come out with at least an associates degree in being a better crook.

    1. There’s a part of me that wants people to take pride in what they’re doing for a living and strive to do it better, no matter what it is. Give you an example: my car’s been broken into a few times. The first time they got my stereo in the parking lot of the Atlanta airport; but I didn’t even notice until I’d sat in the car; they’d even locked the doors behind them. I thought that was nice. The second time, they’d busted out a window (tip for would-be car burglars: Honda Accords are NOT hard to open), the contents of my glove box were strewn about, and they took (among other things) my sunglass clip for my eyeglasses, which would be useless to anyone who didn’t have the same frames as me. So they stole my CDs and some other stuff, but what ticked me off most was the sloppy job they did. I mean really, it was just rude.

      1. Yes, yes, yes. Thieves these days need to have the words, “You’re thieves, not thugs” branded into their minds. Thieves have style. Thugs just take stuff. Badly. And they generally get called thieves, which makes the whole business look bad.

        Thievery should not be an undue inconvenience. They get in, they get what they want and that’s it. None of this amatuerish ransacking and certainly no violence. Above all, you should not have to wade through a mess to figure out what exactly was stolen.

        Thieves should leave printed reciepts.

        1. Screen Cleaning Moment

          I was ok until the last line. I was nodding along in amused agreement, and then –

          Well, let’s just say the co-worker who sits in the desk ahead of mine is now wearing “eau de Rooot Beer.”

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