The Widow’s Mite

Those of you familiar with the New Testament have read the story of the Widow’s Mite.

Well… Sri Lanka just pledged $25,000 to the Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Katrina. (Link from — scroll down to the last heading in the article.)

Yes, there are individual contributors here in th U.S. who can personally vouch for donations ten times that size, but those wealthy individuals weren’t reeling from a tsunami on their shores 9 months ago.


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  1. FYI, another LJ friend used:

    Park Plaza Hotel Reliant Center-Houston
    8686 Kirby Drive, Houston Texas 77054, US
    Reservations: (800) 814-7000 US Toll Free
    Telephone: (713) 748-3221 Fax: (713) 795-8492

    …to send children’s books. It’s across the street from the Astrodome — they sent the package Attn: Children’s Books for Refugees

  2. Germany’s foreign secretary called Mrs. Rice the other day and offered any support that the US request and our country is able to supply. Mrs. Rice thanked him.
    Today Mr. Bush declared that the US will deal with this alone.

    How fubar can a goverment be?

    1. Revision: In case some people are interested

      Turns out that the Shreveport office isn’t ready yet for the recovery team. So, Dad is still waiting for his marching orders.


  3. Time for CCC program?

    Back in the Great Depression, there was a program called the Civilian Conservation Core. It was designed to give unemployed men work, as well as build infrastructure in this country. Maybe it is time for a new version of this, to employ refugees from the Katrina disaster, get them some order, food, and shelter, and get some money into their hands. Especially after a great disaster, people need direction and structure. Wonder if anyone in the say has thought of this?

  4. Something I know you’ll find interesting

    I don’t know if you know about this already, but just in case…
    It’s a crisis control guy for an internet company in New Orleans. He’s got a generator, and him and some staff are working on keeping the company running. He’s blogging everything, all the way back to ” Hmm. This could actually be a nasty storm.”

    He’s former US special forces, with survival training, and he’s just floored by everything that’s going on there. He also has hundreds of pictures, and a live webcam feed.

  5. love your strip but

    you have to wonder why the govt hasnt done more?
    I saw an article on stating that we responded quicker the 1927 floods in the same area. except back then we forced all the african americans into work camps from which they couldnt leave till the disaster was over.

    This time we have them in domes.

  6. Okay, I’ll say it. Your zombie drawing made me donate. I was gonna donate anyway, but I laughed really hard, and then felt guilty because I didn’t feel guilty about it, so I donated right then.

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