Speaking of commercial intrusions…

I’m out at dictionary.com looking up the word redolent, which I know means “smelly,” but it never hurts to know the finer points of usage.

In the right column were some Google ads. I like Google ads, because 95% of the time I see something either innocuous, interesting, or humorously juxtaposed.
I also like Google ads because they’re paying my grocery bill, and maybe my rent this month.

The top ad in that column began with the headline “embarrassing vaginal odor.”

Well, yeah. I guess that would be redolent, and I suppose if it were embarrassing, vaginal, and redolent, and in my house, I’d want to know about products that solve the problem.

Do the folks selling those products pay money to Google for placement alongside the word “redolent?” Dare I look up the words “stench” or “putrefaction?”


p.s. I’m not going to tell you what word I looked up in the dictionary to pop a Google ad that promised me a product that would, and I quote “Deodorize Poop Itself!”

6 thoughts on “Speaking of commercial intrusions…”

  1. Strange… I ignore google ads, rarely look at them. However, I do occasionally enjoy TV commercials. Yeah, most TV commercials murder my brain cells, though.

    1. I’m with you. While I tend to TiVo right through commercials, I’m 100 times more likely to watch a TV commercial than I am to deliberately read a Google ad.

      (I know, they’re Howard’s bread and butter — but he shouldn’t be having butter with our family’s history heart disease.)

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