7 thoughts on “So far so good…”

  1. My wife recently started taking melatonin to help. She’s getting up earlier because she’s sleeping better, and also lighter. But, yeah, same thing, she takes it when she’s on the road towards wanting to head to bed and it doesn’t kick her in the head, but it does seem to help with the general ‘getting-to-sleep’ part after laying down.

    That, and it’s hard to dig up conclusive proof of anything wrong in the long term with using it, but I figure once she gets in the habit of good sleep… 😉

  2. Melatonin is a good thing, I took it while I was on Graves to help me get some better sleep and it worked like a charm. It also helped even me out making me more alert while I was awake. 🙂

  3. The more “natural” drugs are great for that. I’ve also found valerian root to be helpful, as well as lavender extract – though lavender’s more a “calming” remedy than actually soporific.

    Speaking of death (hey, sleep is pretty close, right?), I loved the Telethon comic you did. Heehee.

  4. Huh. Yeah, melatonin is a great help. Mind you, it’s certainly possible to fight the effects of melatonin, as I’ve discovered.

    So, before bedtime, take melatonin and abstain from the Internets. Internets very bad for sleep.

  5. as an insomniac, I’d have to cast my ever-so-skeptical vote for something similar to Valerian or Kava Kava.

    if there’s a chemical out there that makes yu sleep, I’ve juped on the bandwagon, but nothing has hit the metaphorical spt like “some wacky-newage-herbal-whatever-company” ‘s Ka-Va-lerian which is the herbalist’s prozac. this stuff made me love Half-Life’s Head Crabs as if they were customer service to my Tech support.

    that got weird.

    /Herb “’cause there’s an effing ‘H’ in it” Tea.

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