Don’t spoil it for us… PLEASE.

Sandra and I are waiting to see Serenity until we can see it TOGETHER. That means Monday, because I’m gone all weekend at Linucon (where I’m sure people will be itching to spoil it for me, but there in person I can just punch them in the nose.)

If you must talk about the movie in your journals, please put your comments behind cut tags.

No, there have been no violations yet. This is a pre-emptive message only.


44 thoughts on “Don’t spoil it for us… PLEASE.”

  1. My siblings and I are going to see it (with costumes) and we had to postpone ours to Sunday because one sister has classes and I have to run sound at church.

    And I really, really, really, really want to see it right now! *sniffs*

          1. Re: Spoiler

            And the main character is actually a GHOOOOOST! And the antagonist is just the split personality of the main character! And the love interest is his SISTER… but she’s a DUDE. And HE was the one who was cloned! By ALIENS!

          2. Re: Spoiler

            The asteroid explodes as the nuke detonates inside the shaft, creating a meteor shower which somehow avoids pulverizing parts of the planet, as the precursor asteroids did, and the remaining shuttle makes it back safely.

          3. Re: Spoiler

            He talks the bomb into not exploding with solipsism, but inadvertently dooms them all when the bomb approaches godhood though a step by step reenactment of Genesis 1.

  2. Wouldn’t dream of it, even though I was lucky enough to have seen a sneak preview on August 31st (couldn’t resist, had to boast a little =).

    1. Wouldn’t dream of it, even though I was lucky enough to have seen a sneak preview on August 31st (couldn’t resist, had to boast a little =).

      Yeah… Someone at Baycon had a T-shirt, on the front it said “I’ve seen the Serenity movie. Neener neener!” On the back, it said “Please don’t hurt me.”

      This is one I really want to see soon, too, because spoilers are going to be really hard to avoid.

    2. Aww, you only got to see it once, poor thing 😉


      I believe Serenity is the only movie I’ve ever seen twice before it officially opened…and I’m seeing it again 🙂

      1. Impressive! I did get a chance to *try* for tickets to another screening, but decided to leave them for the less fortunate Firefly fans. =)

  3. Monday? Aw, man, that’s horrible. I’d just stay away from the cortex entirely until after you see it, if I were you. I’m finding it hard enough just to wait until Saturday, when we will have a mini-marathon of Firefly prior to the Big Damn Movie for those of our friends who have never seen the series…
    Got my Blue Sun shirt in the mail today. My Jayne outfit is nearly complete. 🙂

  4. ARGH!!!!

    I have to wait till I come home from Baghdad, which isn’t till November….. And I don’t even have the box set over here to help me keep company.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  5. It is SO COOL!
    First, they [deleted by filters]! Then, they all [deleted by filters], and Then they [deleted by filters]. And, and then, [deleted by filters] and [deleted by filters] and finally [deleted by filters]! Man, oh, man! It was AWESOME!
    Just kidding.
    Haven’t even seen it yet.

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