8 thoughts on “Check out today’s Partially Clips”

  1. Thanks, Howard! Your art rawks. Whether conciously or not, I think my mind was definitely looking for a Schlock-type joke for this one.

    Also I think you’ve been mini-wanging me today. My server has hit its max number of MySQL connections and reset at least once. (Slight flaw in the site design that only comes up when traffic goes bonkers.)

      1. Re: Is that…

        Which naturally leads one to wonder if Pranger’s Bangers are Humna Humna. That would explain certian aspects of their behavior. 🙂

  2. Howdy

    Hey, just a message from a fan in the UK. Glad to hear your server weathered the storm (as far as we can tell :D).

    Spend the whole night watching it (mate set up a web-cam in his office in Huston.)

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