Update from the Narcotics Squad

I went swimming this morning. It works out my shoulder nicely through the full range of motion, but the water was cold enough (read that “cooler than my body temperature”) that my back, shoulder and neck started to seize up.

Let’s rewind 12 hours. When I went to bed last night I was in a TERRIBLE mood, and I decided NOT to take any drugs. The pain kept me awake, on and off, until 4am. At 4:45 I muttered some epithet or another and took two of my last three Lortab and one of my last two Soma. Sleep came quickly, and I felt really good. Good enough to go swimming with the family at 10:30am.

After the swim I realized something: As long as I behave sensibly during the day, I only really need the painkillers at night. Without them, I don’t get enough rest.

So… contrary to my original plan, I’ve gotten some more Lortab, and some more Soma. I’ll keep taking them until I can sleep without ’em, and that probably means being on the drugs every night until I can roll over on my right side and not notice.

I hate being dependent on drugs. I hate pain-induced insomnia more. Hopefully I’m striking the right balance here.


8 thoughts on “Update from the Narcotics Squad”

  1. I hate being dependent on drugs.

    Feh. Drugs are just a tool you’re using because you need it right now for a specific job. Good quality sleep is very important for healing. You know you wanted scientifally tested things which would help your body heal itself faster? Well, proper pain relief at night is one of them. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, many sick people don’t realize this. I’m glad that Howard is one of the ones who does. :>

      Btw, Howard — how many of those things are you going to need for putting your nose to the grindstone? —heh; just had to be asked….. ;>

  2. That’s what they call the name-brand prescription muscle-relaxant carisoprodol, yes. I know it works, because when I take it I can’t draw worth a damn for four hours.

    1. Have you ever read the “follow on” to Piers Anthony’s Chthon/Phthor that goes by the title “Soma”?

      aside to that: I like his books, having been introduced to Xanth years ago by a friend…I mentioned him to a chap I worked with, who said he couldn’t bear him; turns out he started with Chthon….. *shudders* I expect his temporal senses fried…

  3. Sounds about right, actually. You’re unlikely to overexert your shoulder while asleep, and not sleeping would slow your recovery. This is exactly the “make it heal faster” you were hoping the drugs would do, isn’t it?


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