And now, some happier news you probably ALSO won’t have heard…

The Boy Scouts saved a life in the mountians of Wyoming recently.

Included in their extensive preparation for the trip (you don’t want to be the next Boy Scout Troop In The News) was a satellite phone and a GPS unit. When a man in a neighboring camp site had a heart attack, they were able to call in an air rescue unit, and give them exact coordinates. Late Friday night at the University Of Utah Medical Center the man underwent successful open heart surgery for a five-vessel heart attack.

He lived to tell about it, and has nothing but nice things to say about the men and boys who saved him up on the mountain. It turns out not to be so bad, being the next Boy Scout Troop In The News.

Be Prepared.

–Howard “why yes, I AM an Eagle Scout” Tayler

15 thoughts on “And now, some happier news you probably ALSO won’t have heard…”

    1. It actually was, but not before it dropped the patient off at the hospital. Also, 37 scouts were killed when they chewed through power cords for their Muskrat Mimicry Merit Badge. So sad.

      Randy “No, I’m not bitter I only got my Life rank” Tayler

    2. That was my thought too. Two of my siblings are Eagle Scouts, I’m not sure I want to let them into my house now. Someone’s got it out for Scouts.

    1. That’s a funny sentence: “I always find that these are usually very interesting.”

      Anyway… I improved a trail to a pioneer cemetary in Florida. I don’t remember how many “yards” of crushed shell we laid down over the dirt track, but it was hard work. The trail was a couple of hundred feet long and about eight feet wide.


        1. I remember passing out doing that… I was being very careful to NOT have my nose anywhere near the bottle or the flask while I measured the ether. My nose was level with the table, so I could eyeball the measuring line, and the ether pooled right up under my nose.

          I woke up on my back with the chemistry teacher (Mister Silver, yes, he signed papers “Mr Ag”) staring down at me, his feet on either side of my head.

  1. But the important question I, as an Eagle Scout, want to ask, is “what did the Boy Scouts needlessly set on fire while waiting for the helicopter to arrive.” Because that’s the REAL joy of Scouting!

    1. The important thing is that whatever they needlessly set on fire or chopped up with the axe or whittled to toothpicks, they didn’t make the news doing it.

  2. Yay Scouts!

    It’s gotten to the point where I suspect putting “Eagle Scout” on my resume is doing more harm than good. Glad we get some good publicity for a chance.

  3. Awesome. You’re right… it’s about time. (Looks like they really nailed the “Be Prepared” thing, huh?)

    Among my uncles I have an Eagle Scout and a Life Scout, and they always made our extended-family camping trips more interesting.

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