Just a quick scare…

I drove into downtown (hah!) Provo today to get my allergy shot, pick up a comic book or two, and grab groceries at Sam’s Club (the Walmart-owned membership warehouse).

The comic book store, Dragon’s Keep, had a big “CLOSED” sign in the front window, and the displays looked suspicously empty. I parked, walked up to the glass, and peered inside. Sure enough, it looked like the store wouldn’t be opening again, with racks emptied, furniture missing, and so forth.

I got depressed. I guess the feeling would be akin to an auto-worker hearing about plant closures. I started thinking about my own revenue stream trickle, and before long all the energy I had saved up for this afternoon’s coloring session had seeped right out of me.

I got home and called Dragon’s Keep. I got Jason on the phone, and he said “nothing’s wrong. We’re moving.” They got a great “move right now” deal on a larger store, and for the next few days things will be hectic. If/when they do a Grand Reopening, I’ll be there passing out sketches.

I feel much better now. Hey, look! There’s strips I need to color!


11 thoughts on “Just a quick scare…”

  1. CLOSED, but not that way.

    And this is why a sign that reads “CLOSED: MOVING” is useful. Ideally with a note about where they’re moving to and when they might be open again at the new location. I ran into this myself when a shop I went to moved across town (not the town I live in, but one I visit roughly monthly) but the sign at the old location indicated closure and nothing more. It was a few years before I found out they were still in business.


    Yeah, that says to me that any trouble the comic industry is seeing results from lack of marketing savvy, rather than a lack of demand.

        1. Re: MOVING, not CLOSED

          You’re so silly. NEVER stick “.com” on the end of something amusing unless you really want people to end up there.

          Savvy marketeer indeed.

          1. Re: MOVING, not CLOSED

            So if I sent an e-mail to an enemy referencing “theeternalandevertormentingbowelsofhades.com,” would that just solve my problem right there?

  3. You’d think they’d put up a sign at least, so they didn’t lose business due to people not knowing where they were/what was going on.

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