The wasp’s nest is twice the size of my fist…

The wasp’s nest is twice the size of my fist, and has at least 30 wasps, plus twice that many eggs.

It’s at the peak of the highest eaves of the house.

A ladder is now standing on the deck, securely braced, and it will get me within 8 feet of the nest.

The Raid Wasp and Hornet spray has a 20-foot range.

Wish me luck. I’ll be back in 10 minutes… MARK!


9 thoughts on “The wasp’s nest is twice the size of my fist…”

    1. Reminds me of my neighbors, who had the mispleasure of having a yellowjacket nest inside their walls. Unfortuantely, the yellowjackets were quite industrious and made mincemeat of the drywall. The landpeople decided to remove the swarm by blocking the holes and setting up traps and spraying. So… said yellowjackets decided to take their new exit and put it to good use. Imagine the surprise when my neighbors came home to find the swarm in their living room.

  1. Um, I think you’re supposed to light up a fire under the nest for some hours. Once they’re all dumb because of the smoke, you can safely neutralize them.


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