Flawless victory…

I know my Raid range. I was just outside of “dropping hornet” range, and just inside “maximum soaking” range. I drenched the nest, and nothing landed on, stung, or even tried to pester me.

A few hornets escaped by virtue of not being home when I came calling. There is a baited trap nearby awaiting their lonely, pheremone-guided wanderings.

I would have waited until the nest was dormant for my assault, but it’s so stinkin’ hot that wouldn’t have happened until well after sundown, and I know better than to climb ladders and then use ranged weapons on enemy fighters at night.


13 thoughts on “Flawless victory…”

    1. Interesting how they’ve left his legs and a tiny little spot on his belly free, yet completely covered his hands and face with multiple layers of themselves… “Okay, nobody below the briefs! Leave him a air hole! They breathe like whales! You! Out of the air hole!”

  1. A can of Raid is like a laser weapon: fire, then aim. I’ve knocked down attacking wasps that way. Not that I’d recommend trying to do that, but…

  2. I wish they made a bug sprayer for wasps that deployed the chemical in a manner not unlike a flamethrower.

    Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


  3. The best way

    Speaking as someone who’s deathly allergic to bees, let me tell you the absolute best way to kill them.

    You attack after dark.

    They’re all home and, since they don’t have headlights, they can’t fly. You shine a small flashlight on the nest and then let the raid do it’s stuff.

    You now know the meaning of “Terminate with Extreme Prejudice.”

    This is also good for nests that are “just out of range” since the bees can’t flee. They just stay and die.


  4. Wasp flambe’

    I’m also deathly allergic, and prefer ranged attacks w/ Raid or good old WD & a Bic. I also occassionally tempt fate though w/ close-assault night ops.

    Since they tend to nest near a window I like to keep open, or near plantings I’d rather not douse with chemicals, I have a less toxic tactic:

    Fit a can of cooking spray with a nozzle tip (like WD-40 has), it coats them so they cant fly, smothers, and will burn(somewhat messily) to boot. Thoroughly satis-frying.

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