Pacing myself…

On a good drawing jag I can pencil a week of Schlock Mercenary in under 2 hours. Inking that same week takes about 20 minutes per row, or another 3 hours. But that’s when I’m in the zone. I haven’t been in the zone since the shoulder injury.

So… today, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I really HAD to get 6 rows inked, which is 2 hours of solid work when I’m able to crank. I budgeted 6 hours for it, and figured that during that time I’d need breaks to loosen up my neck (my shoulder and neck tighten up while I draw), and at least one nap.

Well, I’m almost done with the fifth row, and I’ve still got two hours left. Yeah, my neck and shoulder ache, but this is by far the most drawing I’ve been able to get done in one day since the injury. I may not be back on my ‘A’ game, but for the first time in two weeks it’s been really clear to me that I WILL get through this, and I can see exactly how.


17 thoughts on “Pacing myself…”

  1. For what it’s worth, everybody who reads Schlock had faith in you. For what it’s also worth, everybody who reads Schlock would have understood if your injury meant you had to throttle back, run guest strips, or skip days; but it looks like you won’t need to, I guess.

  2. Cpmpletly off topic, but I read the preview of The Weapon and your review of it and a thought occured to me.

    Have you ever considered penning a Schlock Mercenary Novel? I realize that there’s a ton of legalities and such to wade through, but it might be worth looking into.

    1. I’ve thought about doing Schlock Mercenary novels, yes. I’ve also thought (more seriously, mind you) about doing novels in an unrelated setting.

      Right now I need to “put all my wood behind one arrow.” If I get too scattered in how I use my time to make money, I’ll make less money. So we’re focusing on dead-tree collections of comics first.


      1. Point, and I should have mentioned non scholock novels as well. My bad. What about a ghost writer of some sort or a partner? You do the plot, they do the writing?

        Sorry, I’m probably pressing the issue and should be shutting up now.

        1. You’re not pressing the issue. Don’t worry about it.

          I’ve not given much thought to the ghost-writing thing — after all, I’m not a big enough name to sell the books yet. Maybe in a couple of years that would make sense. I’ve got friends at Baen I can talk to.


          1. Everyone has to start somewhere. I want to be a writer myself, I just have to work up the nerve to submit something.

            Anyways, it’s someting to consider. I’d wager David Weber could do wonders with Sclock (as an example). Oh, man, two of my favorite creators on one project. That’s a thing of beauty in my mind.

          2. Yep. there is some humor in the Slammer’s universe, if one looks around for it. Dark for sure, but it’s hiding in there…

          3. And Drake’s work has been… uh… something… in Howard’s: Pranger’s Bangers, led by Colonel Drake Pranger, is an homage to David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers.


  3. I read the first chapter of The Weapon and then I bought it (with your link to Amazon, of course).

    Can we pre-order the print Schlock yet? 😉

    1. Cool, thanks!

      Re: Schlock book… I’m working on it. I did some image editing this week, and sent off a big batch of draft material to the publisher. We’re still in early phases of assembly, I’m afraid, but it’s going to happen one way or another.


        1. High-level look at the process:

          Script a week, pencil a week, ink a week, color a week. The buffer is the inked buffer, because getting to that point seems to be the hardest part.


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