Not QUITE according to plan…

I had a very energetic, almost-drug-free morning. The only thing I took was some Diet Dr. Thunder (Walmart’s generic Dr. Pepper analog). I spent an hour, though, making breakfast for the family instead of cartooning because Sandra needed the extra sleep. Then I got the requisite painting, cropping, and resizing done, and our internet connection went down.

All this was done with very little pain in my shoulder, but I did end up with a dull ache in my arm, probably from wearing the ice-pack for two hours straight. I also got kind of loopy-drowsy… I’m not sure why. Maybe it was natural pain-response endorphins. Regardless, I decided that was my cue to quit, so I popped 400mg of ibuprofen and took a nap for an hour.

I woke up and came downstairs to pizza, courtesy of my sister Alyson. She learned about my shoulder from the website, just like everybody else, and figured we needed a meal brought in. Hey, it can’t hurt, right? I had two slices of pizza, a little more medicinal caffeine, and here I am in front of the computer again, complete with an internet connection.

I’m taking it easy, doc. Honest. This is what “easy” looks like.


3 thoughts on “Not QUITE according to plan…”

  1. Good boy for taking a nap when your body told you to.

    Wish I could get my wife to do that on occasion. ; ] She doesn’t usually sleep until she falls down.

  2. “medicinal caffeine”?

    This is my first post to your Journal, so I feel I ought to mention that your work is great. (Also, feel free to delete this if a post from a random fan is inappropriate.)

    With that out of the way, and hopefully without sounding confrontational, I’m wondering what properties of caffeine are helping you out in your current state. Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, and their less-available brethren constrict capillaries and restrict blood flow, reducing the rate at which your body heals itself. I haven’t, myself, experienced much in the way of pain relief from caffeine use, other than caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

    I’d admonish you to take care and get well, but I think that’s been covered.

    (Again, you do great work. It is a very enjoyable publication.)

    1. Re: “medicinal caffeine”?

      It’s a performance drug. I wasn’t aware of its constrictive (and possibly counter-productive) attributes. I just know that when meds or pain endorphins make me drowsy and I’ve got stuff that needs doing, I can medicate the problem.

      I guess I need to read up further.

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