I’m on drugs again!

So… I got some coloring done this morning. Tomorrow’s installment of Schlock Mercenary will be pretty. I think I mentioned, though, that I was starting to hurt, so I took some ibuprofen and had a nap.

Well, following the nap and some lunch, I got started coloring the first week of Book V (Title To Be Announced On July 23rd), and I got achy again three rows in. I called chalain and both he and chaliren came by at around 3:00pm to take me shopping. See, the Taylers needed a grocery trip, and I’m unfit to either a) watch children, or b) drive. So the Chalaineys and I went to Wal-Mart and Costco for a few essentials, and I got to play passenger.

Since reflexes, response times, and general alertness were no longer critical to my participation in the endeavor, I took 350mg of Carisoprodol (generic Soma, a muscle relaxant). It’s supposed to relax me (duh), and will also make me drowsy. With my arm back in the sling, though, I figured it would be good to go whole-hog and let it loosen up some.

Chalain tells me I behaved uncharacteristically at the store. I figured as much. All I remember about the trip is that it was very crowded and I had a hard time keeping track of my friends. Also, the three things on my shopping list (milk, eggs, cottage cheese) kept falling out of my brain, and I had to keep checking the list to put them back in.

Most of that has worn off now. I finished coloring the first week of Book V and took another Lortab. At one point I thought I might try to do some pencilling or inking today, but I’m going to give that a wide, drug-induced miss, and while away my evening with the new Harry Potter book and some pills instead.

Thanks for all the well-wishing. In spite of the fact that I needed to get back on the pharmaceutical bandwagon today, I’m pretty sure we’re out of the woods here. I will be able to draw everything that needs to be drawn, but it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before I can really get a running start at it.


6 thoughts on “I’m on drugs again!”

  1. Get Well, Howard!

    Get well, Howard! I’ll let you know that I’m praying for you, but I don’t know how much you’ll appreciate prayers to pagan deities for your shoulder (though, I imagine if you swing it around a few times, you won’t mind anything that may work).

  2. Sympathies

    Do take it easy Howard, while I need my fix regular, some schlock is better than no schlock. Heh, and I think I got it bad when playing combat soccer,
    2 of us racing for the ball, he got there first and kicked it
    I caught it – range less than 6 feet
    about 6 inches below the belt buckle
    it hurt so much I had to cry, it was so funny I had to laugh, so I did both
    should’ve gone to the doc but was too gung-ho and went and taught class that day…at lunch stopped by the post exchange (store) and looked for something that would provide relief…already gulped 1600mg ibuprofen w/o noticable effect other than to make me loopy. (note: this is not a good time to make informed decisions) Still in pain looked for something that might act as a cold compress but not get me all wet – be embarrassing in front of class. Saw bottle marked mineral ice, bought it, tried it, 5 seconds later trying like hell to remove it!
    Oh the pain, the pain…wife for some reason didn’t quite understand…
    Oh well, times passed an all that…
    Get better,

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