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  1. I have not had a chance to see that movie, but I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see you wrong. I just hope that I agree with your current assessment.

  2. …they have a 31-year-old playing Reed?


    I’m sure he does a fine job. It’s just that… I’m ten years older… than MY ROLE MODEL.

    It would have been amusing if they’d given him subtle age lines and then removed them after he got his powers — elastic skin wouldn’t wrinkle!

  3. Anyone have any child age recommendations? My daughter is 4 and has been bringing up seeing the movie, each time the commercial comes on. Don’t know what the gore factor is. We feel the Spiderman movies are too much for her, as an example.



    1. Possible spoilers below:

      The gore factor is really low for an action movie, and low for a superhero movie — lower than Spiderman and X-Men, except for this one bit: In the parking garage (you know the bit from the trailers) Doctor Doom PZORCHes a hole clear through one of his personal enemies. While it’s not gorey, per se, you do get to see through the smoking hole.

      Pretty much everything else is just comic-book punch-and-hit. Doom strangles his doctor (we see that in the trailer), and later steps over some dead people. The Fantastic Four each get pummeled and knocked around, and generally put in peril, and Sue Storm gets a bit of a bloody nose at one point, but it’s clean as a whistle in the next pass of the camera (continuity problem? Did she wipe her face? Dunno).

      I’m not taking MY kids to see it. We’ll rent the video and watch it as a family come Christmastime when the scary bits won’t be compounded by big and loud and dark theater.


      1. Yeah, I think we’ll wait until wife and I can see it first. Daughter seems to mesmerized by stuff that seems magical, such as the woman turning invisible and the guy flying while flaming.

    1. Now that’s funny.

      I have to wonder, actually, how many of the younger audience realized that the end sequence of The Incredibles was straight out of the FF’s first real adventure with the Mole Man? It’s hard to realize it’s been about 40 years since the FF debuted…

      1. Re: Now that’s funny.

        I didn’t catch that.

        Wish I hadn’t paper-mâched with our old Fantastic Four comic books last week — I could go back and see the reference.

  4. I went to see it Thursday night, at the midnight showing, and was quite pleased. Although I still can’t believe they actually used the phrase “reverse the polarity.” I think I was the only one in the theater laughing at the scince parts of the movie.

  5. Particularly considering that they later told him to do it (even shielded), my fudge for the “ignite the atmosphere” comment was that they made it up to try and dash a little cold water on the fireball. 😉

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