Buffer-Fu (with a Spoiler Alert!)

I’ve been struggling with scripts lately, and finally wrote both the ending to Book IV and the beginning to Book V. Between scripts, pencils, inks, and colored stuff I’ve got a full four weeks of story unfolding in front of me. Now I just need to sit down and draw it all.

Then I can get started on a bonus story for print.


20 thoughts on “Buffer-Fu (with a Spoiler Alert!)”

    1. Some people have expressed a bit of amazement when I’ve told them that the end of the current storyline is only a few pages away. I guess it’s not really a “spoiler” when only a few pages sit between you and the back cover of a novel, but for me it does alert me to changes in pacing, and plot twists that are clearly going to be wrapped up rather than pushed off to the next book.


      1. Honestly, I figured we were almost there. For one thing the last time you marked a book-part was January (Is that a slipup? If so, where does Part V begin?) and you had four already…there isn’t much more a single Book can take.

  1. I agree, it’s not very spoilery…especially since Sunday’s strip pretty much tells us where the story’s going, if not how it’s going to get there.

    Speaking of spoilers…I guess that art I got from you at Penguicon isn’t a spoiler any more.

          1. I can just see the captions:

            “Have BLAM, Will Travel”
            “Hire Us…Or Your Enemies Will”
            “Military Experience, Snappy One-Liners, and Dangerous Merc Companies. What More Can You Ask For?”

          2. I know how to do it. On front, under the picture, it reads “Have BLAM, Will Travel”

            On the back, it says “Tagon’s Toughs and Pranger’s Bangers: Hire Us, Or Your Enemies Will”
            Below that is the Schlock Mercenary URL.

    1. Well, Sunday’s strip tells us where it’s going, yes, but declaring war on another galaxy could be a long and drawn out process (though hopefully not another 100,000 years), this tells us that the issue will be resolved soon, which is the part we didn’t previously know.

      Plus, we also now know there will be a bonus story in this elusive book he keeps teasing us with. =)

      1. Do we know anything will be resolved soon? I’m not even sure we know that the F’Sherl-Ganni will agree to shut down their core gizmo, or that it will be destroyed soon. Book V may well start off with the battle to destroy the bomb, especialyl if they can’t convince the F’Sherl-Ganni to shut it down themselves. That may be especially hard if they take offense to the project director getting mind-ripped.

      2. Especially long and drawn out if they send their declaration of war at, say, light-speed.

        (I’ll save any other non-geeks the googling: 2.2 million light-years.)

  2. Phil Khan of Biscut Press (www.biscutpress.com) wants to read Schlock, but wants to read the dead tree version. Any idea when you’ll commit the first three books to print?

  3. I seem to recall that the teraport wars were described somewhere in the archives as being bad, but nothing compared to what was going to follow. This reminds me of that.

    Not sure where they were, though. I may have to trawl through the archives to find the relevant strip.

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