Drugs vs. No-drugs…

I can see the attraction of Lortab now. I’m hella mellower on it than off it, at least with the pain in my shoulder, neck, back, and upper arm.

Yeah, I got a little drawing done this afternoon, but I was grumpier than two sequels worth of Walter Matthau, and really, really didn’t like the way I was acting. I popped a Lortab 20 minutes ago, and as the gauzy curtain of “brain haze” dropped, I found it was increasingly difficult to hang on to my crotch. Ety. Crotchety. Crotchetyness? Whatever, I couldn’t hang on to it.

I probably couldn’t hang on to my crotch, either, as I’m having a hard enough time finding my ass with both hands, and they’re both in that “nether regions” neighborhood we’ve all heard so much about.


The plan for tomorrow:
1) wake up at about 6:00am in pain
2) take 800mg of ibuprofen with breakfast
3) pencil a week of Schlock Mercenary
4) go to the Physical Therapist
5) take something stronger for the pain for the rest of the day.

For now, though, I’m stumbling off to watch a CSI DVD.


6 thoughts on “Drugs vs. No-drugs…”

  1. Well, maybe _that_ is the reason they call them ‘happy drugs’. Not that they actually make you happier, just that everyone around is happier when you stop complaining. *devious grin*

    Good luck with the therapist… today. I just know you’re going to have such fun there. *runs away before getting thwacked*

  2. Uh, can’t you go to the therapist before you pencil a week’s worth of comics? I think that’d be wiser, if possible. That arm is precious!

    Get well!

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