Because I know you’re all going to comment on it anyway…

Me, I think that hairline looks dorky McDork-dork, but it’s the one God gave me, so I drew it right there on my head.

If I can get the hair long enough for a nice, stylish comb-over then I’ll change the icon. 🙂


31 thoughts on “Because I know you’re all going to comment on it anyway…”

  1. It’s cool, you remind me of an old teacher of mine…

    Mr Allan my High School physics teacher. As a class, we used to assign someone the task of distracting him, to get him talking about fishing, his car, some obscure physics/math so that the rest of the class would actually get some work done, because otherwise he would involve all of us in the story…

  2. Okay I don’t really hate it and I will continue to read your LJ. But the eyes do follow me around and webcartoonist do NOT ear ties. Ever!

    1. chin doesn’t look right for the photo he’s got posted for comparison.

      to me, of course, who don’t know mr taylor from mary taylor moore 😉

  3. Seeing as I dispise ties I just had to go with Creepy. Otherwise, yea, it’s you, all ready for church. So what are you doing on LJ like that!?



  4. saying far too much about an avatar, but as you *are* an artist…

    The white shirt and tie were interesting choices. I don’t object, exactly (I mean, I am wearing both as I type this), but your old avatars were dressed to show what at least some of us thought were aspects of your personality. But perhaps the church/office dress is also meant to communicate something…?

    About the hairline: what made you grow the sides out? I doubt there was much comment either way from the church, and I doubt that any number of “Mr. Clean” jokes would stop you if you really liked it.

    Whatever your reasons, I must say I respect your ability to change your hairstyle without having some sort of identity/midlife crisis. Not that I didn’t love your old look. I’m just glad your personality grows on the inside. It’s certainly better for the future of Schlock.

    1. P.S.

      13 comments inside of 50 minutes… no wonder your wife doesn’t care what your hair looks like; she’s got an army of weirdos doing that for her!

  5. Next attempt… go goofy. Have that toungue sticken’ out and the eyes all bug eyed. Or maybe go for that look you have just after passing gas.

    As far as the comb over, DO IT!! Something like 2 percent of women just get all hot and bothered with the comb over jobs. It’s happenin’.

  6. I got a good chuckle out of it.

    It’s the eyes and that wry grin that make it. Gives it that whole impression of “Yes, I look like one of them. But I’m not one of them.

  7. The scary thing is that the icon looks like a slightly older version of me. No, that doesn’t mean it looks old. } ; ]

    It’s not bad but it doesn’t look like I’d imagine you looking with hair…

  8. OK, Who is it REALLY supposed to be?

    Sprigs of hair – Nope, that’s not Howard. Button down shirt; with a TIE?!? – Definitely NOT Howard. Creepy eyes that follow you even if you aren’t on the LJ – THAT could be Howard. A CHIN?!? – WHERE did THAT come from, it isn’t Howard’s!

    TOO many votes against – Sorry, that is NOT you Howard!


  9. You forgot the “*shrug* Who cares? I like you either way” option. I’m just completely gonna bypass the issue at hand by asking a way too curious question: Why does it look like the face is slightly tanned, but the top of the head isn’t? Together with the sprigs of hair it makes it kinda look like someone shaved your head while you were sleeping. 😉

    (By the way, I love the icon, it makes me giggle, and I don’t care if it looks like you or not. This icon I’m using doesn’t look like me, yet it’s still a self-portrait.)

  10. DON’T COMB OVER!!!!

    Hi Howard,
    Hey you look more like me each day, whatever you do DON’T GROW AND COMB OVER, I think I told you the story of my dad and David, my dad is 78 and combs his hair from the top of one ear to the other, with a daily spray to hold in place, well one summers day my Dad, David (he was about 10 then) and I were playing golf, it was real windy (your ahead of me right) and dads comb over was flying like a kite in the wind, I tried to hide my amusement to save his embarrassment, however David was rolling around on the floor in amusement, we all saw the funny side and it’s now a great memory, however as you know I always keep my hair short to avoid my male pattern baldness being disguised (like it would be right) with the comb over.


  11. Maybe not so oddly enough, the icon makes you look more like Randy’s brother (comparing with his icon) than your actual photo does.

  12. Actually you look just like a Stake President I worked with, when I was a District Executive for the Boy Scouts. DO you guys take a class to get that look?

    Ducking, Giggling, and Running like Schlock

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