And in buffer-related news…

The Schlock Mercenary buffer is doing much better. I cranked out two full weeks of strips last week, with a heroic push on Saturday when I pencilled and inked a whole week between 2:30pm and 7:00pm.

I’ve got a week of scripts in front of me, ready for another heroic push Monday morning. And yeah, I need to shoot for two weeks per week until further notice.


6 thoughts on “And in buffer-related news…”

    1. “should be vacation” doesn’t hold any water. I get Sundays off, and I get other time off whenever I need it. Noon on Tuesday? Fine. Friday morning for disc golf? No problem. All afternoon turned over to a daddy-daughter date at the Dinosaur Museum? Easy to do.

      “Vacation” is whenever I decide I want it.

      –Howard “payday, however, is another matter entirely” Tayler

      1. Buffer-Fu

        Glad to hear that you’ve got the buffer back up a bit. You seemed really put out last week that it’d gotten so low so I’m glad it’s up if for no other reason than your peace of mind. Good work. 🙂

        On a completely unrelated note (somewhat related?) I loved the banter by the military units in the sunday strip. That was the funniest military lingo I think I’ve ever read.

        1. Re: Buffer-Fu

          darn lack of edit.

          Also I’m glad your hand is holding up. Repetitive stress injuries really suck. I’m majoring in both CS and Philosophy so LOTS of typing. I’m familiar with those types of pains, they really, really suck. Congrats on your hand feeling good. 🙂

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