It’s probably not a first for comics in general, but it is a first for me. In order to get the artwork right on an upcomic strip, I had to finger-paint one of the panels.

I considered, ever so briefly, using india ink. Then I looked at how crappy and smudgy Chopping Block comes out (Lee Herrold is a total hack. I’ll never understand why his stuff is so popular, even with the Goth crowd), and decided that using poster paint would be more professional.

The piece is drying, awaiting scanning now.


33 thoughts on “Finger-paints…”

  1. I don’t know about anything else, but I like Chopping Block (or used to, I don’t really read it anymore) because its funny.
    Art? Feh! Who cares about art? If I wanted pretty, I’d go read Megatokyo. But I don’t care about pretty, I want something that has story or humour. Or both. Megatokyo has neither; things like Shlock Mercenary, Sluggy Freelance, and Questionable Content, these have both, and this is why these are my favourites.

    Okay, I’m done.
    (I never miss an opportunity to decry Megatokyo for the crap it is, even if its not strictly speaking pertinent.)

          1. Hazard Touter – is that somebody who goes around selling things that aren’t safe?

            Hecate Tipper – a witch who loves cow tipping?

            Man, the creative juices are NOT flowing.

      1. bwuh!

        I’m confused now.
        You were kidding and/or being sarcastic in one of those things you said. But which is the lie? The liking CB, or the hating it? Aaaaah! So confuuuuuused!

        1. Re: bwuh!

          Bah, he loves it. In fact, if I remember correctly*, he and Lee worked together on quite a few of the strips.

          *disclaimer = fuzzy memory coming from Fandemonium schlockfest 2004 I believe.

          1. Re: bwuh!

            He did. I was reading through the archives lately. For the first time, and I love it. Would you say the book is worth buying?

          2. Re: bwuh!

            It’s a great conversation piece, and yes, it’s a good read. It’s all in the CB archives, but having the book in print is nice because Lee’s artwork DESERVES more than 72dpi screen resolution.


          3. Re: bwuh!

            The main reason I think I’d buy it is to share the Chopping Block joy. You can lend a book to people much more effectively than you can share a URL.

            I’m considering doing a similar thing with Men in Hats. My how I love that comic.

          4. Re: bwuh!

            The chopping block book is REALLY worth buying. The comics look great in print.

            (And MiH is IN COLOR! BUY BUY BUY!)

          5. Re: bwuh!

            You mis-remember. It was Howard’s good friend Chalain (who hung out with him during most of Fandemonium). See Chopping Block – middle two weeks of July 2004.

        1. See, now all the comments you make in my LJ carry additional weight.

          (and yes, the same goes for ALL you folks who appreciate CB.)

  2. India ink can be stunningly beautiful. It takes time to pick out the right quill or pen. I adore the refillable Koh-I-Nor but they are getting hard to come by. You can get similar effects with any good technical pen.

    I like chopping blocks style. Before you critizize it duplicate it then bitch.

        1. Whats the fun in that? Whats next, disclaimers saying not to look into the barrel of a plasma gun to see the glow?

          < /sarcasm>

  3. Figures. Chopping Block is the only webcomic I ever purchased in printed form. Without remorse. Figures that Schlock Mercenary is the only other webcomic I’d even consider that.

    As long as you don’t adopt Chopping Block’s schedule of update, Or lack thereof, it’s always appreciated that the things I enjoy are interconnected by some way or another. 🙂

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