I had a pretty good day today. I pencilled an entire week, inked a Sunday, and managed to get out of the house for a few hours too.

I’m looking at tomorrow’s calendar, and I see that I’m THIS CLOSE to succeeding in my goal for the week of finishing two weeks’ worth of strips in one week. All I need to do is ink six rows (theoretically that’s two to three hours of work) and then color nine rows (theoretically that’s another two to three hours of work).

I could start at 8am, and be done in time to grill something tasty for lunch (theoretically.)



9 thoughts on “Crankage”

  1. This is of course assuming LifeTM doesn’t get in the way.

    Still, though, four to six hours’ work over an entire Saturday shouldn’t be too hard. Right? …Right?

  2. Geeze… I feel like such a slacker now, supposidly wacking out a single photoshop-ed image mon/weds/fri and barely making that schedule. I mean. it’s not like I even have a plot to worry about…

  3. Well, Pi’s still ready, you know. We’ve have some appropriate Schlock ready to go, should you stumble.

    Pi’s been working hard on his art skills, you see.

    Really, really hard.

    So we’ll cover you!

  4. Sunday’s strip

    I just read sunday’s strip.

    You are an evil, evil man.

    GOOD JOB! I can’t WAIT for Monday-Friday now. 🙂

  5. And I’m his little brother. 🙁

    (He once told me that since my G.I.Joe had died, he was taking him out in the backyard to bury him.)

  6. Agreed

    Yep… bastard… it’s like getting “to be continued” in a tv show… at the end of the season.

    Okay, it’s not as bad as that… as I know there will be something of substance tomorrow… right HoTay?

    1. Re: Agreed

      Though this works pretty well as an online serial, I wonder if it will be as entertaining on second readthru (in the archives or in dead-tree format).

      Eh, I’m sure Howard has already thought of that 😉

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