Debut of the New Face

This weekend I took my New Face out for a spin. Mostly it went well — there were a few Schlockers at Fantasy Rules on Saturday who didn’t recognize me at first, and there were a LOT of people at Church who didn’t recognize me. Nobody exhibited the bad taste of the few members of the online community who’ve deigned to insist that I put the beard back. There were even a few people who said the new look is better.

I still haven’t gotten around to drawing a new avatar for myself. In the meantime, I’ll just borrow one from Corporate America.


18 thoughts on “Debut of the New Face”

  1. Uh-oh ……

    ….now I’m envisioning Mr. Clean backed up by a fleet of unfettered AI überwarships with names like Painstakingly Disinfected.

      1. Re: Uh-oh ……

        I tried to picture a shave Ob’enn. Now I’m trying to get *rid* of the picture!

        1. Re: Uh-oh ……

          This raises a good point. Will Howard’s future behavior make the same sort of “non-linear divergence from the control group” seen in Petey’s shaven Ob’enn? If we take the control to be the last half decade of continous updates, any divergence would be tragic.

          1. Re: Uh-oh ……

            Oh lord… I’d forgotten about Petey shaving the Ob’enn until just now. God, I can’t think of anything funnier I’ve read in quite a long time… and now I’m chuckling about it again.

            heh. Don’t think Schlock should ever know that Petey tried the idea, because he might want to give it a go himself, just to see.. and that the thought of shaved Ob’enn is just that damn funny of a thought.

  2. My friendspage setup doesn’t show icons. But when you said you were going to borrow one form Corporate America, my brain said “Oh no, he /didn’t/.”

    But you did. Fits, though. *rubs the shiny head for luck*

        1. Mister Clean, Mister Clean…

          For some reason, everytime I see LDS, I keep thinking of this quote: “Oh, him? He’s harmless. Part of the free speech movement at Berkeley in the sixties. I think he did a little too much LDS.”

          Not at all saying LDS and LSD are in any way related, but forever that acronym will be emblazoned in my mind with that quote.

          But what would they think of the earing a la Mr. Clean?

  3. misspelling on yesterday’s comic

    Just thought I’d mention that most fleets get “under way” instead of “under weigh”, unless you’re trying to make a pun that I didn’t catch.

    Your email link on the main site is broken, also.

    1. Re: misspelling on yesterday’s comic

      ‘Weigh’ means ‘to raise’ in nautical terms.

      ‘Under weigh’ means that you have ‘weighed anchor’ and left.

      You can get under way if you leave a store, but if you’re in a ship, you get under weigh.

      “Under” in the phrase meaning “Undergoing or receiving the effects of” more than “beneath”. If you recieve the effects of raising anchor, you’re sailing 🙂

      Yes, Pedantic, but that’s me!


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