Today’s tasteless juxtaposition…


Upshot (pardon the pun): Author Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes will be fired from a cannon, per his last wishes.

My take: These two sentences appeared back-to-back…

“”It’s expensive, but worth every penny,” Anita Thompson said. “I’d like to have several explosions. He loved explosions.”

“Thompson, 67, shot himself in the head on February 20…”

Loved explosions indeed.

I told you it was tasteless. Blame CNN.


10 thoughts on “Today’s tasteless juxtaposition…”

    1. Their decision to put the “he loved explosions” sentence right before the “he shot himself” sentence is one we can hold them to.

      It had me giggling. I can’t imagine a professional copywriter NOT giggling when doing that kind of thing.


    2. Probably Unintentional

      I got a very funny mental picture of Thompson’s reaction to being “shot out of the canon” as opposed to being “shot out of a cannon.” He’s now one of those “dead, white males” of whom the canon is composed . . .

      Irony, anyone?

  1. I think worrying about taste when talking about Hunter S. Thompson is like worrying about your stock in Amazon while a tornado is devouring your house.

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