7 thoughts on “Still awake… very satisfied”

  1. That assumes you don’t oversleep to compensate…

    Although I suppose that’s taken care of by the magic of CHILDREN!

    1. PS. I think my brain is actually more creative in the middle of the night. There’s more free association going on, and the ideas are a bit more malleable. When I’m awake, I know, “Okay, this is what has to happen in the plot here, now to find something funny to say about it.”

      When I’m half asleep, it’s more like, WheeeEee! What’s going on?!? Wouldn’t it be funny if I did it a totally different way?

    1. I imagine the answer to that is “Sure, wait until $date and look at $cartoon” (unless you’re someone special, like Sandra or Chalain, that is)

    1. That’s the golden question. I’ve had dreams where I wrote the funniest jokes in the world, only to wake up and realize that not only were they not funny, they didn’t make any sense. But BOY did they have the crowd in my dream laughing.

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