Now where did I put that mojo…

I’m having mojo problems. I can’t seem to “crank” on the comic the way I like to. I can’t seem to sit down, and (for instance) pencil an entire week in one afternoon. I just stare at the page, and then wring one or two strips out, as if it’s somehow costing me hit-points to create them.

So… if one of you sees where I’ve mislaid the mojo, by all means speak up.


20 thoughts on “Now where did I put that mojo…”

  1. It’s probably in the laundry with all the rest of your clothes. I know you had it on a week or more ago, and that’s how long it’s been since I’ve really done laundry. If it’s wet in the washer do you want me to wring it out and bring it to you, or do you want me to dry it first?

  2. Yes I think there is a mojo-thief going around.
    I lost mine a month or so ago.
    Luckily I have a buffer of comics up past july so I’ve got a couple months to catch the perpetrator.
    Though I think you’ve said you work only a couple weeks ahead, so… you’ve got only a couple weeks.
    But if you catch the mojo-thief, let me know if you find anybody else’s mojo in his collection. Mine might be in there too.

    1. I have four days to whip out a week (or, better still, TWO), because I’ll be travelling on Tuesday, and the colored-and-uploaded strips only carry me through the Sunday following. Yeah, I’m behind.


      1. ah

        But still. That’s still better than most webcartoonists do.
        Heh, I said you work _only_ a couple weeks ahead.
        Most people have a buffer of approximately -1 comics. Judging from the amount of filler most people put up.
        Never mind.

        Good luck finding your mojo again, though!

    2. I think I’ve been a mojo black hole lately. I had a conference paper due April 1st. Early March, the program that I was working on to get the results for that paper (yes, kids, this is called “procrastination”) did some weird flips, and it suddenly became a much more difficult job. Then I spent two weeks with suddenly needing to move to a new apartment before April 1. Somewhere in there I got a two-week extension on the paper; somewhere also in there the program did more weird flips and required even more work.

      The result of this is that I’ve been somewhat absorbing mojo like new white carpet on an inkjet spill, and occasionally finding that I haven’t been outside for nearly three days and hadn’t noticed, and working very very hard in the Fortran and LaTeX mines and trying not to fall over into the Procrastination Goo of Don’wannaland.

      Now, I didn’t think Howard’s comics mojo was sufficiently near my programming mojo that it would get sucked away by this, but … well, if I was wrong, there might maybe still be a mangled burnt-out husk of it around here somewhere, if that didn’t get used up too.

  3. How you been stored for long periods of time in suspended animation? I understand that can cause MMS. (Misplaced Mojo Syndrome)

  4. Uh Oh…

    I’ve been really cranking on my buffer in the past few days.
    I hope we haven’t gotten them switched at the laundry or something.

    1. When ever I get writers block, I either go shooting or binge for two days on action and sci-fi movies…That usualy gets me motivated.

      Also, have you tryed drinking lots of Mountan Dew?

      1. I’d second the suggestion of going shooting. Let me know if you need some $ to purchase ammunition/gun range fees. I’ve found that I find it relaxing to make a lot of racket while putting holes in things.

        Treecutting can work as well, but your neighbor might not like you taking an axe to the tree in his front lawn 🙂


        1. Actually, ill second that comment about going shooting. Its real stress releif…You dont even nessiscarily need range fees…I assume theres some barren desert out there where no one would mind.

          Nothing to get rid of writers block like a semiauto rifle or carbine and an old computer or TV set…Just pick up after yourself.

  5. This book could help. It’s designed to get you pumped up for National Novel Writing Month, but it’s got some good tips in there for defeating writer’s block even when you’re not trying to write a novel in 30 days. It’s funny and easy to read, and I think it would be useful to any writer.

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